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And program where you can call for free...

Lemme know if you find a better one.

A 30-Second "Paper" Clip

All you need is a square piece of paper. Really cool trick to know in the office.

Best Way To Surf The Internet Anonymously

This software is better than all the other software that simply search for unreliable proxies on Google.
Tor can help you anonymize web browsing and publishing,instant messaging, IRC, SSH, and other applications that use the TCP protocol. It can be used with any software, just set the proxy at with port 8118 when the software has been installed. Tor bounces through many different paths so your data never goes through one place. Can be used to get around IP blockers.
Tor can also be useful to stop websites building profiles on your surfing habits and interests (happens a lot more than you think).
Just to recap, Privoxy allows you to use Tor as a proxy (when you enter, etc in your proxy settings), and Vidalia provides the GUI for Tor.

Automatically Optimize Your Hard Disc Drive!

One of the most important factors for the performance of your computer is an optimized hard disk. It can be defragmented using the Windows Defrag Utility. However this is a great hack that will make your WinXP to automatically optimize your hard disk when your PC is idle.

Snack Machine Hacker! LEET Free Snacks

learn how to get free food from those dumb ass machines

Hide Your Ip For Free!!! Best Ip Hider

This tool is used to hide your real IP address. And the best part is ... IT'S FREE!!! Take a look!!!

Salt Power

I'll show you how to generate electricity using salt and a magnet


Apply This Effective Monitor Trick And You Won't Have Those WATERY OR RED EYES AGAIN!!

How To Get IPs From Chat Rooms

How to grab ips over the chat rooms

Windows XP Hidden Star Wars Movie

This is so cool! Microsoft hid a version of Star Wars done entirely with ASCII in the Windows XP operating system. You can try this yourself to watch the entire movie. I just recorded the beginning of it. Check it out!

How It's Made: Secret Safe!!

Make a simple and cheap whipped cream safe to hide your valuables! Takes about 10 minutes!

Prevent Hacking Credit Card Number And Password !

How easy is to hack Credit card numbers and passowrds!! Your best firewall may fail to stop your Credit Card no. theft!

Reset PC BIOS Password

This video will show you how to hack computer BIOS password...

Break MS Word Password

In less than 2 minutes, and all by yourself. Warning: This video is intended for educational purposes only. Use the knowledge responsibly.

Speed Up Booting Windows XP

This is a simple script that can be run to speed up windows booting. It cleans prefetch directory everytime you start up and shutdown your machine

The Best Program To Know And Optimize Your Computer:Everest

The best program to know and optimize your computer:Everest.

Hacking Windows XP Admin Account

This video shows how to change the password to a Windows XP account if you have lost the password. I am in no way encouraging you to hack anyone but yourself. =]

The Easiest Way To Unlock A Car!!!

This video is for informative purposes only.


How to set windows XP to block access to an account after someone enters too many wrong passwords. This will discourage people from trying many passwords to hack into your account.

Laptop Battery Hack! You'll Save $$$

Dead laptop battery? Don't buy a new one...hack the old one! I'll show you how!

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Increase your internet security from remote access, file sharing, and hacking... it also speeds up your internet!!

Get Rid Of The Programs The Loads Up At Windows Start-Up

Get Rid of the programs the loads up at windows start-up...That will help u to increase your windows speed...

Coke Machine Trick

How to get free coke from the new coke machines (conveyer belt)

Password Cracking Revealed!

Why should you use strong passwords? This video shows how to crack windows passwords. It is only intended for educational purposes, to show you why it is important to use strong passwords. Don't use this information illegally.

Never Lose Data Again!!!

Reboot your pc without actually having to power off.

Can Power - Homemade Battery!

Now you really CAN forget about batteries! I'll show you this unique method for creating high output voltage from household items.

Build Your Pc Yourself

when you can build your own pc, don't pay others

Block Telemarketing calls on any phone for FIVE YEARS!

Learn how to block Telemarketing calls on any phone for FIVE YEARS! This will work with any phone. Easy to do and takes less than 30 seconds.

Hacking Answering Machines

A story on how bad guys hack people home answering machines.

Hacking Your Computer. Penetrate Your Own Network.

Test your networked computers.

How To Use Google As A Proxy

You can use a proxy to protect your identity or to visit a site you might have been banned from, and Google just happens to have one built into their translation service.

Lock You Computer Using You Motherboard !

A small tutorial teaching you the best way to put a password in your computer using your motherboard's bios, without use the windows or downloading any program. It's very nice and easy !

Internet Explorer Trick To Increase Simultaneous Downloads

Make web pages load faster by increasing the number of simultaneous connections (10) that internet explorer can open from the same website. One of the best ways to reduce page load time and boost your surfing speed.

Ipod Hack

ipod hack, put more games on ipod, play video on nano, play 3d games like doom, set up wallpapers, themes, background on your ipod

Undetected Way To Connect To Any Computer In Your Local Network


CAMCORDER Hack! Secret The Stores Don't Want You To Know!

Hack a one-time use Camcorder so you can use it over and over! It works well for a spy camera too! See my other Disposable Camera Hack!

Trace Any IP Address In The World!

how to trace any ip address and see a satellite image of the place in the world it comes from! great for hacking or for fun!

Make Traffic Lights Change!! Amazing!

Check out this secret code to change the traffic lights!

How To Secure Your Wireless Connection From Hackers

This will show you step by step how to protect your wireless router with a WEP key or password. (For better viewing please download with Metacafe viewer)

Special Valve Steam Accounts

Use these special steam accounts to access every game available on steam. (Trial purposes only)

Hack Nokia Password/security Code

Lost or Forgot your Nokia Security Code? BYPASS it in seconds!

Digital Camera Hack! Secret The Stores Don't Want You To Know!

$20 one-time digital camera You can use it again and again with this hack! Makes a great spy camera too! See my Disposable Camcorder Hack.

Potatoes Power My MP3 Player! Amazing!

How does it work? I could not believe it! The next time your battery dies, just grab those handy sweet potatoes you have with you.

Free 30GB Hard Drive!

Easy way to use your Gmail account as an external Hard Drive. Backup everything to Google for free with no software needed. For some reason this video hasn't been very popular (probably because it doesn't have a picture of a sexy girl stripping or anything) but in any case it is a very useful video, even if it doesn't have any boobs :)

Notepad Secret Trick

A fun trick you can do using Notepad in Windows XP.


Fake caller ID for free. THE REAL WAY! with this simple
tutorial. Make other peoples caller ID say whatever you want,
WHEN YOU CALL! in your own voice, in real time! *MUST SEE*

You Can Easily See All The Entire World From Your Pc

sometimes it's really interesting to see what's happening at the another point of the world

Google-Find Unprotected Image Directories

Find countless unprotected directories of image files of celebrities or practically anyone.


Free Dial-up, WiFi, and Wireless internet anywhere in the world!

Hacking Wireless Computers

Fox News shows how hackers access your wireless network for free...

Speed Up Your Internet by 20%

Microsoft reserves 20% of your available bandwidth. Change that now.
This is used for their own purposes like Windows Updates and interrogating your PC etc.
By default, the Packet Scheduler limits the system to 20 percent of the bandwidth of a connection, but you can use this setting to override the default."
Here i am showing you how to change that and increase your internet connection speed by 20%.

Coke Machine Jackpot Magic

Not your average coke machine hack. educational purposes only! Use this at your own risk! :spoof: Come and check out my other videos!

Msn Messenger Hacking: Who Is Ignoring U?

this video shows how to spy on ur contacts and find out when they're ignoring you! it tells you if they minimize the window or close it. THIS IS HOT STUFF!

Make Windows XP Genuine

Still Working On A Windows Which Is Not Genuine.Make Windows XP(Pro/Home)Genuine Now In One Click New link To Download This file Added Below In Comment Box

Prank: Pop Up Messaging Tutorial

Play a joke on your friends by sending them a message on their PC and they wont know where its coming from!! I highly recommend this for college kids that have their computer hooked onto the campus network. Also, I recommend this to scare your parents if you have a home network. Its good to use in the office on a coworker, your boss, or on your roomate. I remember when a kid did this to me in high school and now I finally know how to do it! Leave any questions that you have.


whats happend if you dont have password for your web camera - someone can watching you!!!!!!!! Try it and show your friends. ITS AMAZING

Crazy Paper Folding Trick

Using only one piece of paper, create a cool 3D effect in no time! Try using different size paper and different folding widths for contrasting results.

Watch Movies Online For Free

Watch Movies,Cartoons,TV shows,and many more online,Totally free.(Including Bollywood Movies)

9 Volt Battery Hack! You'll Be Suprised...

In an emergency you can hack a 9 volt battery and save the day! Do you know what's inside?

Wireless HACK !!!

you can use it to test your wireless .... :P.. this software is FULLY FREE .... but if you will use it in the bad way then it will be wrong... but will you be the GOOD GUY with this SOFTWARE ???????? I'm waiting for yaa answers people ... :P ...thanks for watching :)

Hacking Windows Xp Pasword !!!

in 15 second u can learn the windows pasword !! just watch !! too easy

Freeze Any Hotmail Account

Learn how to freeze any hotmail account with one click

Hacking Win XP Password

You can use this way to reset any password on local accounts on your PC including administrators.

DIY projector (Youtube Video)

Cheap way of having a cinema in you room! without shelling out hundreds of pounds!!!

DIY Home Projector

There are so many differing ideas, and guides out there in regard to how to do home theater projection on a budget that it can make the average variety of geeks head spin! So after some thinking, tinkering and 3 or 4 attempts to take over the world. we decided that we write up this guide.

Password Cracking Revealed#2 - Sniffing Secure Sites Revealed!

Are you using secure sites (HTTPS) for sensitive information?
Watch this video to see how this information can be stolen,
and how to prevent it. This is the second video in the series of Password Cracking and security videos. Please rate and comment. It is an educational video, don't use the information illegaly.

Windows Freecell Hidden Tricks!

Win everytime plus other cool tricks in Windows Freecell

Hacking Internet Cameras

Fox shows how to hack internet cameras.

How To Bypass A Windows XP Password Without Any Programs

In this tutorial I teach you how to hack a windows XP
password, without any programs. THIS WILL ONLY WORK IF YOUHAVE AN ADMIN ACCOUNT!!!
If the account name is 2 words, separated by a space, then you
would have to wrap the account name with quotes.
For a text version of this tutorial, go to\password.htm
For educational purposes only!!
If you have any questions please contact me via my website.

Candle Power - Who Needs Batteries?

See what the battery and power companies don't want you to find out! I'll show you how to generate electricity using two candles.