Sunday, May 31, 2009

Remove The Blogger Navbar In A Simple Step

Many of the Blogger users who use the templates provided by Blogger will see a Navbar at the top of the blog. However there isn't any option to remove the Blogger Navbar.


I don't like the Blogger Navbar as it doesn't look good, it may lead the blog visitors away from my blog and some people can also deliberately Flag my blog.

So here is the simple method to remove the Blogger Navbar:

1. Visit the Dashboard and click on Layout option of your blog

Blogger Basics

2. Now click on Edit HTML option

Blogger Basics

Now search "/* Variable definitions" in the blog template. Paste the following code just above it

#navbar-iframe {

remove navbar

Now click on Save Template and check your blog. The Blogger Navbar will be invisible now.

Add Blogger Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools!

Add Blogger Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools

Submitting the Sitemaps of your blog to Google Webmaster helps the search engine(Google) to crawl your webpages easily and more quickly! This post explains the procedure to add your blogger blog's sitemap to the Google Webmaster Tools.

  1. Sign-in to Google Webmaster Dashboard using your Google Account.

  2. Type your blog URL and click Add Site:
    Add Blogger Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools

  3. Once your site is added to Google Webmaster, you need to verify the site by adding a Meta Tag to your blog:
    Add Blogger Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools

  4. Copy the Meta Tag code given by Google Webmaster as shown in the screenshot below:
    Add Blogger Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools

  5. Now go to Blogger Dashboard - Layout - Edit HTML - then search(Ctrl+F) for the code given below in the header section:

  6. Then Paste the Meta Tag just after the above code and Save the Template.

  7. Now click Verify in the Google Webmaster Tools. Your site will be verified if you followed the above steps clearly:
    Add Blogger Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools

  8. Next step is to add sitemaps of your blog. Select Sitemap from the left sidebar:
    Add Blogger Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools

  9. You can add the following sitemaps of your blogger blog to the Google Webmaster:

    Add Blogger Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools
  10. Finished! Your Blog's sitemap will be added to Google now!

Remove or Hide Navigation Bar of Blogger Blog

How to Remove or Hide Navigation Bar of Blogger Blog

Please Note: Before Editing your Template, Save a copy of your current template by clicking 'Download Full Template' in 'Edit HTML' page of the Blogger 'Layout' Window and 'Preview' the changes before Saving

Navigation Bar appears at the top of Every Blogger Blogs. It helps the Visitors to Search any Blog in Blogger Directory or to Flag any Objectionable Content in the Blog. Some Bloggers really don't like this Navigation Bar as it causes some 'discomfort' to their nice template! It's very easy to remove or hide the navigation bar of blogger(blogspot) blogs.

Just do the following steps:

  1. Go to Edit HTML page in the Blogger Layout Window

  2. Find the following Code:
    #navbar-iframe {
    height: 30px;

    • To Remove the Navigation Bar, Replace the above code as:
      #navbar-iframe {
      height: 0px;

    • To Hide the Navigation Bar, Replace the code as:
      #navbar-iframe {
      visibility: hidden;
      (In this case, Navigation Bar will be displayed only when the user scrolls the pointer at the top)
  3. Then Save the Template.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Blogger Templates : A Quick Roundup

eBlog Templates

Blogger Styles

Blogger Tricks

50 More Beautiful Blogger Templates
70 Fresh And Modern Blogger Templates
10 Unique Blogger Templates


PsycHo - Make your own bLogger template

WP Blogger Themes

All Blog Tools

Blogger Themes

Transfer big files with TransferBIGFiles

screenshot of TransferBIGFiles

You've got files, and you need to get them from here to there. Maybe you need to work on the Big Project at home, but you didn't bring you laptop in today to carry it home on. Or maybe you need to share your work with a colleague in the next office—or on the other side of the world. You could attach it to an email, but big files in an email can be a no-no. You could set up an FTP server, but there's all the administrative overhead in the care and feeding of such a beast. Maybe you ought to check out TransferBIGFiles.

With no registration required, it's easy to send your files where they need to go. From their website, you just upload the file (or files) you're interested in, and enter an email address for your recipient. They'll get an email with a download link and before you know it, they've grabbed the file and you can all get on with life. There's no limit to the number of files you can transfer here, although they can't be larger that 1GB in size each. That's a pretty big file—all the data you can pack onto a CD-ROM and then some. Your file is available for at least five days after you upload it, so there's no reason why your recipient can't find a minute to grab it.

TransferBIGFiles is a free online service. It should be compatible with any computer running a modern web browser.

Files Over Miles does simple, direct transfers in your browser

Looking for a good, simple way to send files using only your web browser? As long as you and your recipient have the Flash plugin installed, it doesn't get much easier than Files Over Miles.

Choose a file to share, and FOM creates a hash-like URL for the transfer. Nothing starts moving until the receiver visits the URL and the client kicks in. Once that happens, your data is sent directly to the person at the other end. Nothing is stored on a server and transfers are fully encrypted.

FOM is free to use and will likely stay that way. Since you use your own bandwidth, their expenses should be fairly minimal.

The service works well, though I'd like to see integrated support for short URLs. For now, you can always use one of the options on Jay's big list to trim your link manually.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Blogger Template SCARLETT

This day I would like to launch Blogger Template Scarlett, from WP Theme, designed by Jinsona. This is elegant template designed for blogger who like light colored or bright colored template. This template suitable for any niche, or any topics.
Scarlett is profesional magazine template. The layout is Stylish and dynamic contents elements are built into it. (adapted from

Overview :
Original Designer : Jinsona Design
First date released : 25 February 2009

Converter : Cahaya Biru
URL : (This blog)
First date released : 5 March 2009

It has rich features. List of Features :
  1. Premium theme layout.
  2. Multi-level dropdown javascript navigation menu.
  3. Custom sliding elements with images.
  4. Site wide customizable 125 x 125 custom banner ads.
  5. Adsense * 728x15 link unit on the index page * 468x60 ad unit sitewide on header * 300x250 ad unit on single posts
  6. Tabbed content area * Featured Video * Flash tag cloud * Popular Posts
  7. Three widgetized sidebars
  8. Animated random post module.
  9. Auto Read More
  10. Left Image Thumbnail, in homepage
  11. Post Focus ( the slide will dissapear when you enter article page)

Standard Review :
  1. Widgetized (yes)
  2. Auto Hidden for Floating Image (yes)
  3. Clean and organized Add Page Element (yes)
  4. Displays Links and Quick Editing (yes)
  5. Blockquote, List, and Number list (yes)

This Template has been tested and passed in this following browser :
  1. Internet Explorer 6 (new versions will show better)
  2. Mozilla 2.xx (new versions will show better)
  3. Opera 9.00 (new versions will show it better)
Now, let's see from your browser...

Scarlett Guide:

The Scarlett Image size is 202 px width and 35px height. To change it with your own image, please follow this steps below.
  • go to LAYOUT -- EDIT HTML -- no need to expand widget
  • Find this :

  • After that, change that image address with your own.
2. Changing Tab Navigation Title
  • go to LAYOUT -- EDIT HTML -- no need to expand widget
  • find this:


  • Below that code you'll see like this:




    • change the word RECENT, TAG CLOUD, and VIDEO with your own words.
    • Save your template

    3. Multilevel dropdown menu
    (click here)
    4. Sliding Images
    (click here)
    5. Tabbed Content
    (click here)
    6. Animated Random Post
    (click here)

    Blogger Template: Daily Planet

    Dailyplanet is a News/Magazine Template. This template is bundled with a lot of features you like to have on your premium theme. There are featured post section, customizable miniposts, featured video section, list of featured posts etc.

    Designer : Jinsona Design

    Blogger XML coded:
    Converter : Daru Kurniawan Ahmadi
    Nick : CahayaBiru
    URL : (this site)

    Releasing : 05 April 2009

    1. Versions A (Based Original Version in WP Theme)(Demo, click here)
    2. Versions B (Single Mainpost, No Auto Readmore) (Demo, click here)

    (click here)

    1. Versions A

    2. Versions B

    Thursday, May 21, 2009

    A big list of ways to make Tiny URLs

    With all the URL shortening sites that have been popping up lately -- and even services that let you make your own -- I thought it would be a good idea to take a look back at the link-shrinkers we've covered in the past here at Download Squad. Some of them are legitimately useful, while some of them are complete novelties that you'd only break out as a joke. You'll also have to forgive some of our references to getting Rickrolled -- it was a legitimate concern back then! So, without further ado, here's a big list of ways to create very small URLs: is designed for sharing links that are Not Safe For Work. Its unique feature is a warning page, in case the person you're sharing your link with doesn't want to see it after all. is still one of the best link shorteners around. It scores points for tracking the traffic to your shortened link, and letting you see if anyone else has made a link to the same URL. is a fairly recent entry with a super-short base URL, and the added bonus of generating links that are easy to read out loud to someone or type out from scratch. is now offering to create a custom URL shortener for its clients, based on its own service that's not too shabby either. uses unicode symbols to make its short URLs even shorter (and kind of cool-looking).

    SHUURL secures your shortened links by showing users a thumbnail of the site you linked to before they click through. opens multiple sites with one shortened link. Users see a list of the links that are included, with the option to open one at a time or open all of them in tabs. is my personal favorite of the bunch. It's on the shorter side of short URLs, it tracks stats, and it lets you post your links to Twitter with one click.

    BurnURL offers social sharing options for your short links, so you can easily Twitter, Facebook, Digg or Reddit them.

    The DiggBar was the source of much controversy when it first launched, but it continues to be one of the best ways to share your Digg links.

    TinyURL is considered the original link shortener, and still one of the best. Aside from being the default for Twitter, it's also kept up with the new kids by adding the ability to customize your links.

    ceSnipURL is a shortener for Windows Mobile. is StumbleUpon's link shortener.

    And, for a counterpoint to all of this shortURL madness, take a look at why Download Squad's Lee Mathews is sick of URL shorteners.

    Flip your screen and touchpad from landscape to protrait with EeeRotate

    Sometimes when I'm reading an article or ebook I'd prefer to have my notebook's 1280 pixels in height rather than width. While most display drivers are capable of handling that task, they don't do anything about the orientation of the touchpad. My brain's on-the-fly directional translation gizmo isn't always reliable, so a single application is a better solution for me.

    EeeRotate (link via Google Translate) is a handy little freeware app that combines two previous free efforts - iRotate, which handles the screen and SakasaMouse, which takes care of the touchpad. Launch Eeerotate, and you can quickly flip your screen clockwise or counter-clockwise by pressing ctrl + alt + right (or left, respectively).

    There's not much to see, as you can tell from the screenshot - the app just gets out of your way and does what it needs to do.

    Eeerotate runs on just about any version of Windows, XP or newer, including 64-bit builds.

    Monday, May 11, 2009

    CoD4 1.7 HAX PAX

    How to use this pack:
    # Make a folder on your desktop and add it to your AntiVirus's exception list.
    # Extract the pack into that folder.
    # I have not made anything in the pack, and therefore am not responsible for anything related to this pack.

    ### [GUIDE] Super Easy Account Rank-up Restore Upgrade.pdf
    This is self-explanatory. Just use the guide to the point.

    ### Call of Duty 4 Rank Unlockables.pdf
    List of ranks corresponding to required xp. This may be used with the CheatEngine table in iw3mp.CT

    ### COD4QuickLaunchersetup.exe
    This is a software that directly takes you from desktop to a COD4 server, skipping middle (connect bla bla) step.

    ### CodBackup1.0.exe
    Use this to backup your CoD4 profiles. Use your head to use this.
    Make sure you always use the same CD-key.

    ### iw3mp.CT
    The aforementioned CheatEngine table.

    ### Read Me.txt
    The file that you are reading now.

    ### COD4 1.7 Fast-Rank.7z
    Use the included instructions to use it.

    ### CoD4 Public Hook DLL.7z
    A DLL hook. Use "OMFGZGunZDllInjector v1.2.7z" to inject the dll into iw3mp.exe

    ### h3he's Multihack V3 DLL.7z
    A DLL hook. Use "OMFGZGunZDllInjector v1.2.7z" to inject the dll into iw3mp.exe
    Use the included instructions to use it.

    ### OMFGZGunZDllInjector v1.2.7z
    This is the DLL injector you are gonna use to inject (may be not simultaneously) the above two DLL hooks in iw3mp.exe

    ### Jaegerbomb_0_2.rar
    A standalone hack for CoD4

    ### Download ###
    Link to Mirrors
    Link to Mirrors
    Link to Mirrors
    Link to Mirrors
    Link to Mirrors

    Friday, May 08, 2009

    Love that song but don't know what it is? Tunatic can tag it for you!

    Ever thought ‘what is this song?’ Let Tunatic hear it and you will get the artist's name and the song's title within seconds. Tunatic is the very first song search engine based on sound for your computer. All you need is a microphone and Internet access.

    Download Tunatic v1.0.1b for Mac OS X v10.2 or better
    Download Tunatic v1.0.1b for Windows 2000/XP
    1 - let Tunatic hear the music. All you need is a microphone and Internet access. 2 - Tunatic identifies the song. Follow the white arrow to get links for the song.

    How does this work? When you click Tunatic's ‘search’ button, Tunatic transmits the song's features to the Tunatic server. The server searches its database and returns the matching song. More Q&A

    Wednesday, May 06, 2009

    Guide to buying a used guitar : Learn where to look and what to look for when purchasing a used electric or acoustic guitar

    Where to look:

    • craigslist > musical instruments
    • Kijiji > buy and sell > musical instruments
    • Other online classifieds

    What to look (out) for:

    Take a look at the sample ad below. On the first look it looks like a really good deal. It comes with a cool box. Only few scratches and chips? No biggy. And all those cool sounding specs. This is the best deal in the world!

    Lets take a dive into reality now. The cool box, which is obviously not very portable because of its weight, is a bait for potential customers.
    The ad fails to mention that each scratch and chip can cost the potential customer $50-$100 to repair. Yes, even the small one may cost that much to repair. Also don't take the advice to cover up those cracks and chips by yourself. That will cost you more when repairing the finish, since the repair guys are paid by the hour on top of labor. It takes hours to repair a small chip, and when you cover it up it makes the job harder and more time consuming for the repair guy.
    And those cool specs are standard on most guitars.

    Here are some really good and elaborate guides on buying a new or used guitar: