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10 Handy Alternatives If You Are Tired Of The Usual Lorem Ipsum Filler Texts

10 Handy Alternatives If You Are Tired Of The Usual Lorem Ipsum Filler Texts:

lorem ipsumI really wasn’t aware that Lorem Ipsum dated back to the 16th century and used by typesetters, It’s not very surprising that the term comes from Latin. It took a colleague’s article – What Is Lorem Ipsum & Where Did It Come From? – to make me aware of the surprising facts behind what has become known as ‘dummy text’.

Web designers probably have a kitty of Lorem Ipsum tools saved close by that’s useful for their web development work. Lorem Ipsum generators come in various forms; some of them allow customizing the dummy text generation with variable font widths, font faces, and other design elements. But there’s just so much you can take of the mock content. After a while your own brain goes to sleep in a dummy mode.

So, if you feel like chucking away the pseudo-Latin mumbo-jumbo and replacing it with some other nonsense text, here are a few options for you to consider.


lorem ipsum

Fillerati is perhaps the coolest and most stylish of the alternative Lorem Ipsum filler texts. Coded with HTML5, it’s also educational to a degree because it pulls text from classical works of literature (Helman Melville, Jack London, Jules Verne’s and Lewis Carroll to name a few). Google Translation APIs are used to convert the English text into multiple languages. You can apply markup tags and use a smooth slider to change the number of paragraphs on display. You can click the center circle to copy the filler text to the clipboard.


lorem ipsum text

Star Wars can have a bit of fun on the side with this filler text generator. Filler text is freely borrowed from TV shows like Dexter, Futurama, The Simpsons, and Star Wars among others. You can set the number of paragraphs, put in a few lists, and format with headers. You can copy the HTML on the left pane and use it to design your web site or blog (see Directory mention).

Adhesion Text

lorem ipsum text

Type in your characters, set a few rules, and the dummy text generator spouts out sentences taking your characters and the language you selected from a dropdown. You can insert characters in English, French, German, Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, and Dutch. You can also use Latin, Cyrillic, Greek and even Arabic characters (see Directory mention).

Gangsta Lorem Ipsum

lorem ipsum text

This filler text generator takes a bit of a wild route by generating text in rap style. You might like it if you are a fan of rapper Snoop Dog. You won’t be able to make any sense of it, which pretty much makes it as good as Latin for most of us (see Directory mention).

Fuck Lorem Ipsum

lorem ipsum translation

This alternative to Lorem Ipsum has been definitely created by its haters, if you go by the name and the tag line. This is another of those little apps which takes its filler text from TV comedy, dramas, kids show, and other scripts. You can markup the text with paragraph, break, and hypertext tags (see Directory mention).

Bacon Ipsum

lorem ipsum translation

Generate ‘meaty’ Lorem Ipsum text that has more than a handful of meat (bacon) related words. This filler text generator is definitely not for the vegetarians.

Blind Text Generator

lorem ipsum translation

Here you have a dummy text generator with a variety of filler options, from normal English to Kafka. Advanced options include customizable font styles, letter spacing, text decorations, and alignment options. You can wrap the code around all your HTML designing needs.


Set the number of paragraphs and click on generate. This handy and simple dummy text generator helps you do away with traditional Lorem Ipsum text and instead use text from classical English literature.

Multilingual Lorem Ipsum Generator

I wanted to try out Esperanto as a filler text, and I found it here which gives you quite a few multilingual ways of trying out your placeholder text. You can of course go for the traditional Lorem Ipsum text or choose from other languages (including Japanese and Chinese).

Duck Island

lorem ipsum

An alternate Lorem Ipsum generator that gives you filler text inspired from The Matrix? You can try it out here. Then, you have a few more options ranging from classical Latin to Techno Babble. The screenshot shows the output after your select The Matrix option.

Searching for alternatives to Lorem Ipsum generators might seem like much ado about nothing. But as a web designer or anyone who uses filler text day-in and day-out, the sight of the same stuff could start to get on your nerves and eyes. That’s where these interesting and varied options come in.

Which of these stand a chance of being your favorite? Or do you use a text generator that’s not on this list? Let us know.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

How To Use A GPS Enabled Smartphone As A Tracking Device

How To Use A GPS Enabled Smartphone As A Tracking Device:

gps tracking deviceGPS is one of the more frequently overlooked enhancements in consumer technology. It’s at least as useful and interesting as Wi-Fi, but often taken for granted. That’s a shame, because it can be incredibly useful, even in older smartphones.

One potential covert use is GPS tracking. A GPS connection from a mobile phone can be used to pinpoint its location, and by extension, the person or vehicle carrying it. Let’s have a look at how you can do this, and the problems you might encounter.

Tracking Apps

gps tracking device

Surprisingly, actually installing a tracker onto a smartphone is the easy part. There are a lot of options available and they’re easy to install straight from the market.

For families, Android has a great solution in the form of the imaginatively named GPS Tracking app. Once installed on a mobile device with GPS, its location can be checked from another phone. It is marketed as a way to keep track of family members, particularly children, and works well for that purpose. Just be warned that it will only run on phones that support Android 2.1 and up, and although the app is free, continued use will require a $4.99/month subscription.

phone tracking device

Another option is to use an anti-theft app like Where’s My Droid? It can track your phone when you send a specific text phrase, so if you’re interested in using your own device for tracking or afraid of losing your phone, it’s a better option.

Apple fans also have access to their fair share of apps, but I don’t own an iPhone. Fortunately, MakeUseOf already has an article covering the 9 best iPhone GPS apps, including GPS Tracker for iPhone.

Learning The Limitations

Now that you have the right app, you’re ready for some gumshoeing – or you can keep track of your kid, at least.

Not so fast! Before you start going GPS crazy you should take a moment to consider the limitations, which can make use of a phone as a tracking device less compelling.

phone tracking device

All GPS devices need to be able to connect with GPS satellites. Depending on the quality of a phone’s GPS radio, this can be rather difficult if a phone is not kept out in the open. Penetrating the cloth of a backpack or pocket could work, but a phone in a car glove box will have real difficulty. It may be able to report a location, but not accurately enough to be of use.

Battery life can also be a problem, as GPS radios suck a lot of power. Using GPS in bursts now and then won’t have much impact, but constant GPS use can take a big slice out of battery life. On newer big-screen smartphones, which already struggle to last a day, frequent use of GPS tracking can reduce endurance to a few hours.

These problems aren’t always an issue with all phones, but I think they’re enough to call GPS tracking with a phone unreliable. That’s not to say you should not use it, but remember that it may not work consistently.

Alternatives To GPS On A Smartphone

If you really need GPS to work reliably, I suggest that you don’t rely on a smartphone. Standalone radios tend to have a stronger signal and better battery life, often lasting for several weeks rather than hours. Some of these devices can even communicate with a computer or phone through an authorized app.

gps tracking device

The cost is a higher price. Inexpensive units start at around $80, but a more serious standalone GPS tracking device can be over $200. Still, if accurate and reliable tracking is required, I would rely on a product designed specifically for that purpose.

Do you agree? Or do you think smartphone tracking is reliable enough to make more specific devices obsolete? Let us know in the comments.

Image Source: Space Today Online

Online YouTube To iPhone Converter

Online YouTube To iPhone Converter:

File Wiggler is a free web-based format converter that enables you to quickly convert your files in to virtually any format. With advanced technology, this free online file converter provides active converting speed with high quality.

The highly appreciable part about this free online conversion service is that it provides a full-fledged free converter even if you convert high priority formats.The converter supports videos from YouTube, Metacafe, Break, Dailymotion, Devour, Google Video, TeacherTube, SevenLoad, CollegeHumor, Vimeo and supported Audio formats for various devices are given below individually:

  • iPhone: 3GP, MXF
  • iTouch: AAC, WMV
  • iPod: DICOM, ASF
  • iPad: MPEG4, WMA
  • Blackberry: AVI, VP8
  • Android: MKV, H.263
  • Windows: MP3, H.264
  • Phone 7: MP4
  • Zune: Smartphone and Many More!!

To be precise, this free file conversion service allows you to convert YouTube to iPhone online, convert Dailymotion to iPhone online, convert Vimeo to iPhone online, convert YouTube to Android online and many more such conversions.

How To Convert a format using Online YouTube To iPhone Converter:

  • Go onto the homepage of the website
  • Enter a nick name in the given box and upload a file to convert. However, there are two ways to upload a file: from your PC or enter a URL.


  • Click on “Next” once you have uploaded a file using a suitable way.
  • Select the format to which you want your file to be converted. Select the device for which you want to convert a file for.


  • Submit your email address to which you want “a link to the converted file” to be sent. Confirm your email address and click on “Next”


  • Click on the “Check Box” and just hit the “Go” button to convert your file.
  • Yup..its done. You will soon receive an email having a link to the converted file. Download file from the link.

How To Copy Wiggled Files To iPod, iPhone, iTouch, or iPad:

  • Quickly Download the converted file.
  • In iTunes, choose “File” + “Add File To Library” and select the file you downloaded.
  • Plug the device into your computer. Ensure you have enabled movie synching in iTunes and synchronize your device.

The best part is you do not need to waste time in downloading and installing any software.

File Wiggler is an excellent service to convert various audio and video formats as quickly as you think and at zero cost. Go ahead and convert files and copy them to your favorite device.

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Transfer Facebook Photos to Google+: Move Your Photos

Transfer Facebook Photos to Google+: Move Your Photos:

Now everybody can access Google+, no more invitational havoc to Google+. Yea..Yea, I know most of you already knew this. With Google+ open to all, you would definitely want to move on permanently and some of you might already have. Hence, when it comes to transfer data to Google+, the very first thing strikes into your mind is “transferring photos to Google+ album”.

To do so, usually you download all your Facebook photos to Picasa and thereafter, individually upload them to Google+. I am quite confirmed you must be knowing that Google+ is integrated with Picasa. Hence, you spend hours to download photos to Picasa and again upload them to Google+. This is where this new Extension for Google Chrome: Move Your Photos comes into existence.

The extension enables you to transfer your Facebook albums or photos selectively to Google’s Picasa and then you can directly share them with your Circles in Google+. No need to upload them time and again.

How To Use Chrome Extension: Move Your Photos

  • Once installed, Click on the Move Your Photos icon, orange bus like icon
  • Click on “Login with Facebook” link, appears just below Move Your Photos icon


  • Click on “Allow” button to allow “Move Your Photos” have access to your Facebook Account. You will be prompted to Login quickly if your are not.


  • You will soon be taken to a webpage where all your Facebook albums are listed. If you want to transfer all your Facebook Albums, check “Upload All” option given at the top of every single album. You can also select the photos or albums you want to transfer.


  • Once selected, Click on “Upload” button given at the bottom of the page.
  • Yup..All your selected photos will start uploading and a progress bar will appear at the bottom right side of the page.
  • As soon as all your selected photos get uploaded, you will receive a message box. Click on “OK” to confirm


Now, to see all the transferred photos, sign in to your Picasa Web Albums. Start sharing with Google+.

How To Install Move Your Photos: Google Extension

  • Go onto the chrome extensions website and search for Move Your Photos or click the website linked below.
  • Click on “Add To Chrome”
  • Click on “Install”

In next couple of seconds, you will find Move Your Photos installed as orange bus like icon right next to the URL bar.

You can also download any of the given software to Download Complete Picasa Web Albums quickly.

This excellent Google Extension: Move Your Photos is the fastest way to transfer pictures from Facebook to Google+. However, Picasa provides 1GB storage service, hence, you need to choose the ones you want to transfer if you have large bunch of pictures on Facebook. Nevertheless, 1GB is quite a good storage service and it can upload a decent number of pictures. So go ahead and quickly move your Facebook Photos to Google+.

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5 Free Games Similar to Angry Birds

5 Free Games Similar to Angry Birds:

Here are 5 free alternatives to the most popular puzzle Game Angry Birds played on iPhone and iPad. Angry Birds has been an extreme favorite of iPhone and iPad gamers. Although, playing this most popular physics-based game has always given a fresh experience, however, people always look for some new characters with similar targets to be achieved. Those who play Angry Birds regularly might want to move on and take on some other games where the goal is to destroy your enemies in the field with slingshots. Hence, I tried to look for some free web games similar to Angry Birds. The advantage of downloading any of these alternatives is that you can enjoy all these games at zero cost. So, Get ready to take on a new challenge.



Sieger is one of the few physics-based games. Your target is to straight away crush the enemies by demolishing blocks and not to shoot side ways. In order to win a level, you as a Siege Commander have to kill all the castle defenders (Enemies) and save the hostages by carefully choosing the right supporting block of the castle to smash. In the game, you can earn one of the three metals: Clear, Decisive and Brilliant. In addition, you can also loot each castle by hitting the treasure chest. Download Sieger Free!!

Ninja Dogs


Ninja Dogs is one of the best alternatives to Angry Birds. The game has been given a 5 Star rating on the Ninja Games Developer Website. Your goal is to save your old Ninja Dog Master from a Black Cat. You have to launch the ninja dogs in the air and use their special abilities to eliminate all of the ninja cats. You have to tap to set angle and power. To launch dog in the air, move your finger away from your iPhone or iPad screen. While in the air, tap on the dog to launch its special attack. The graphic and design is very much similar to Angry Birds. Download Ninja Dogs!!



Another interesting physics game. It is a mix of strategy and shooting in medieval defense game. In Sandcastle, you goal is to defend your city from the invading ships. by shooting cannons and sinking ships. Game is very much similar to Angry Birds, however, requires some strategy to shoot the cannons and sink the ships. The graphic of this amazing game is quite animated and colorful. Download Sandcastle Free!!

Siege Master


This is another shooting in medieval defense game where the goal is to conquer the kingdom using a variety of siege weapons. In Siege Master, you are the brave mercenary hired to siege and take over this land. Get ready to conquer this kingdom using 3 different types of medieval siege weapons and various ammo types. This is a must for all hardcore gamers. Its amazing. Download Siege Master Free!!

Chicken and Egg


One thing is sure that this game will definitely keep you hooked once you start playing. Your goal is to move the eggs next to another of the same color so that the chickens can hatch. The main objective is to rescue baby chicks before Easter Bunny comes. Easter Bunny has trapped all the cute little chickens in their eggs. The game is an excellent mind blending fun and can be played by all age groups. It has 30 levels of egg matching puzzles. There are three different levels: Easy, Medium and Hard to choose from. If you collects the dots you will earn a higher score. So. Get ready to save baby chicks, collect as much dots as you can and beat your own record. Download Chicken and Egg Now!!

You can also check a popular PC game reviewed by us: Need For Speed. You can even download a software reviewed by us to create video games.

No matter either you are looking for strategically strong games, or time killing games, Angry Birds is undoubtedly, one of many games that can meet your needs. However, all these five web-based games like Angry Birds are also equally killing. These games can also be added to your collection of interesting games.

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