Friday, June 15, 2007

Blondie Unlocks Car

An unique way for women to recover keys they forgot in a locked car.

A Amzing Simple Trick. How To Make A Coke Can Balance On One End

how to balance a coke can using mere gravity...

How To Watch Latest FREE Movies Online !!!

New release movies !!! All the time. FREE online movies at last !! Please rate this video. You will receive great karma :) Peace

Peg Gun

Make a powerful gun out of a clothespeg and matchstick. You'll be amazed how far and fast these can travel.

Hidden Free Internet Security Software Promotion

ZoneAlarm doesn't advertise how to get their free software with full anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-spam, and firewall. I found out by accident, and it's easy if you know how.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Tricking Coke Machines: The 2 For 1

Machines nowadays are SO smart that they know you haven't received your drink and give your money back. Humans nowadays are SO smart that we can make ourselves not receive drinks we paid for, get our money back, and then buy another one using the same money, and get TWO! Note: once you have stopped the first drink it the selection (A1, B1, etc) will appear as 'sold out'.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Improve Your Memory (derren Brown)

This is a really clever technique to improve your memory. Here we try to remember 20 items. This technique is from Derren Browns book.

Light And Heavy Cup Illusion Secrets Revealed

Challenge anyone to lift the cup from the book. No one can as the cup becomes super heavy!

How To Open A Padlock In 40 Seconds!

This video show how to open a padlock in 40 seconds!

Pivot Stickfigure Animator

It's a FREE program! You can make your own animation and stickfigures... Enjoy!


coke bomb

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Spoon Illusions Revealed

2 of the 40 tricks revealed from Chris Angels MindFreak Secret Revelations book.

Trace Location From Where An Email Come From, Get City, State

Got an email that you don't know where it came from? You can find out the city very easily.

Mind Reader Magic Revealed

This will guide you through the Mind Reader Magic Trick. To clear up some misunderstanding: SYMBOLS ARE ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF ITS NUMBERS.

Mind Reader Magic With Numbers EXPLAINED

Learn to do this is a selfworking mind reader with numbers. Performed my street magicians. It`s very impressive. Try it on your friends or family . No 100% guarantee. ;)

Free SMS Anywhere

This is for real.You can send free SMS no mater what country you live in!!! (Even to me:p)

Paper Airplane Nakamura

Crazy Man's Handcuffs A.k.a. Quantum Bandits Revealed!

Learn how to perform the famous unlinking rubber bands trick!

Red Alert: Cpu Cooler Removed

Red Alert: cpu cooler removed

Close A Bag Without Using A Bag Clip

Reseal those pesky metalized food bags with this super secret technique. No clips, no tape, no stale chips. Watch the cool video!