Sunday, April 29, 2007

6 Hidden Games In Flash

easter eggs in flash

How To Make Super FREE 411 Call

Tutorial on how to make free 411 calls

AIR HORN Tutorial

5 minute TO MAKE SPORTS AIR HORN amazingly loud air horn i was surprised myself i did not copy ne1 else although it was not totally my idea i have just realised

Accordian Effect Of Reflecting A Laser Pointer Between Two Mirro

A very simple set up with just two mirrors produces a really cool effect when the beam from a laser pointer is relfected between them. Courtesy of

How To Make A Paper Spinner

make paper spinner which rotates with the wind very easy and well illustrated origami art . you got to try it its fun!!

Free Ringtones! IN UNDER 1 MINUTE

Learn how to get FREE RINGTONES! in under 1 MINUTE!

Convert ANY File Online For FREE To ANY Out Format!

With this video you will learn how to convert ANY file to ANY format ONLINE for FREE, (NO SOFTWARE NEEDED) very helpful.

Amazing Coin Trick Revealed

Learn how to vanish a coin like great magicians do. In this video I will explain you how to perform this amazing coin trick. Amaze your family and friends whit this new coin trick!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

RAM Extension: Virtual memory

how to make your HDD memory work as RAM

Free Car Wash

This is any easy code for a free car wash. The coin slot is never covered or out of the shot to prove this actually works. It may not work on all car washes but good luck.

Programs That Run Automatically When You Start Your Computer!

You can lookup any suspicious programs running on automatically on your pc, and disable them if you like. If your computer starts slowly, this will help speeding up that a little bit too :)

Secret Game In Microsoft Excel 2000-2007

How to access a secret game in Microsoft Ecxel 2000

Hacking Elevator

You're in rush and wanna go straight at the level you want without stopping. This simple step is the best for most of elevators. You gonna love it.

How To Make A Can Shim

Turn a can into a lock shim

Must See This Trick For Windows Super Quick

Fool someone with this easy shortcut key. Your victim will not know what happened. Funny.

Pay Phone Hack

Enter this 4 digit secret code into almost any pay phone and see what happens. Use this at your own risk!

Wipe Your Computer

wipe your computer

How To MAKE A BURNING LASER, Save 100's Of $$$

Hack a Laser! The Secret the Shops Dont Want You To Know. Light Cigarettes, Pop Balloons, Cut Tape and Light Matches. Dont Buy the $600 ones Like On All The Other Vids. Convert a Cheap One. We Show You How For Free.

Monday, April 23, 2007

How To Visit Blocked Websites

two easy methods to visit those blocked websites at your Home,Office or School.

The Invisible Folder : Hide Hollow Private Personal Folder

Learn how to make a hollow/invisible folder that will help you hide your personal items from other users. The process takes 10-20 seconds

Two Great Card Tricks Revealed.

Two easy card tricks to amaze your Friends. Things you need: A Deck of Cards and your lucky hands.

Auto Shut Down PC

Set a Timer to Shut down your PC.
So useful when you share your PC with your friends,little
bro,or sis.

Crushing A BIG Can With Air

A clean paint thinner can is rinsed out and a little water is added. The can is heated until it is filled with steam. It is quickly turned upsidedown and placed into an ice water bath. A vacuum is created and the atmosphere crushed the can like a grape.

Magic Disappearing Cup

Acetone is poured into Styrofoam cup. The polymer breaks down and the cup appears to sink into the table. Nicey nice.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Heating A Water Balloon

Can you hold a balloon in a candle flame without popping it? You can if you know the science!

Amazing Trick!

How does this happen? Join two paper clips without touching them.

Cheating Husband Prank Call


Energy Of Candy Gummi Bears Vs. M&M's

Hyperactive kids, could this be the cause?
This demonstration will open your eyes to the amount of energy stored in these little candies.
1 Gummi Bear vs. 3 M&M's
They react with Potassium Chlorate..... if you really need to know.

Tear & Repair Revealed!

Learn how to do this famous trick now!

David Copperfield Secrets

This is not magic This is illusion (:P)

Coin Production And Vanishing, Learn It!!

Learn two famous coin tricks.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Learn An Amazing Magic Coin Trick !

Learn how to make a coin completely disappear in your hands before the spectators nose! Check out my whole video section for other great magic tricks.

Kids Magic Trick

Great science / magic trick to amaze your friends. 1. Water 2. Pepper 3. Soap / Dishwashing liquid

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Free* WIFI Booster

Using a template I'll show you how to make a Almost Free WIFI Booster with house hold items.

Double Your Gas Mileage!

I'll show you the secret gas companies and car manufacturers don't want you to know! Save $$$ now!

Double Your Gas Mileage! - The most popular videos are here

Hypnosis To LOSE WEIGHT!

Subliminal subconscious suggestions aimed at suppressing the appetite and controlling hunger. Watch this video before each meal to see what happens!

Hypnosis To LOSE WEIGHT! - Click here for more free videos

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Building The Amazing Steam Candle

How to make a cool rotating steam engine using only a candle and a thin tube. VERY easy to do and fun to watch! Runs for hours! This is my personal favorite for Christmas decoration more...