Saturday, February 28, 2009

Free MySQL database hosts: A quick roundup are the leading provider for absolutely FREE MySQL Database Hosting. With their control panel you'll the extra edge to managing your free databases. They provide an even higher level of support and service to their clients. Also being the absolute first free mysql database provider to have a control panel for their clients to manage the free databases, they give you the option to have multiple databases under one account. You are never limited to how many you can create, with a max of five at one time.
They also have the bragging right for being on the top of the search result for "free mysql" query on both Google and Yahoo.
Google: #1
Yahoo: #1
The db4free project provides a platform for database users and developers from all over the world to exchange experiences, give hints to each other or to discuss. This offer also gives you the chance to learn to deal with databases without having to rent a server for money.
New: now offering an additional MySQL 6.0 account (running on Port 3307 - check it out!)
The creator of created this host so that users could easily create a database to practice writing SQL, and database applications without having to worry about administration. This site is currently a dramatic work-in-progress following a web server crash. is free mysql server
*running MySql 5.1.30

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