Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Blogger Template SCARLETT

This day I would like to launch Blogger Template Scarlett, from WP Theme, designed by Jinsona. This is elegant template designed for blogger who like light colored or bright colored template. This template suitable for any niche, or any topics.
Scarlett is profesional magazine template. The layout is Stylish and dynamic contents elements are built into it. (adapted from

Overview :
Original Designer : Jinsona Design
First date released : 25 February 2009

Converter : Cahaya Biru
URL : (This blog)
First date released : 5 March 2009

It has rich features. List of Features :
  1. Premium theme layout.
  2. Multi-level dropdown javascript navigation menu.
  3. Custom sliding elements with images.
  4. Site wide customizable 125 x 125 custom banner ads.
  5. Adsense * 728x15 link unit on the index page * 468x60 ad unit sitewide on header * 300x250 ad unit on single posts
  6. Tabbed content area * Featured Video * Flash tag cloud * Popular Posts
  7. Three widgetized sidebars
  8. Animated random post module.
  9. Auto Read More
  10. Left Image Thumbnail, in homepage
  11. Post Focus ( the slide will dissapear when you enter article page)

Standard Review :
  1. Widgetized (yes)
  2. Auto Hidden for Floating Image (yes)
  3. Clean and organized Add Page Element (yes)
  4. Displays Links and Quick Editing (yes)
  5. Blockquote, List, and Number list (yes)

This Template has been tested and passed in this following browser :
  1. Internet Explorer 6 (new versions will show better)
  2. Mozilla 2.xx (new versions will show better)
  3. Opera 9.00 (new versions will show it better)
Now, let's see from your browser...

Scarlett Guide:

The Scarlett Image size is 202 px width and 35px height. To change it with your own image, please follow this steps below.
  • go to LAYOUT -- EDIT HTML -- no need to expand widget
  • Find this :

  • After that, change that image address with your own.
2. Changing Tab Navigation Title
  • go to LAYOUT -- EDIT HTML -- no need to expand widget
  • find this:


  • Below that code you'll see like this:




    • change the word RECENT, TAG CLOUD, and VIDEO with your own words.
    • Save your template

    3. Multilevel dropdown menu
    (click here)
    4. Sliding Images
    (click here)
    5. Tabbed Content
    (click here)
    6. Animated Random Post
    (click here)

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