Tuesday, June 09, 2009

uTorrent IPFilter Updater v1.5.6 [BINARY INSPIRATIONS]

uTorrent IPFilter Updater (uTIPF) v1.5.6
June 08, 2009

Yeah, yeah, yeah...I don't blame you for thinking that there's enough IP filter "updater" programs out there. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the existing tools are outdated, bloated, poorly written, and hard to use.

uTIPF changes all that - it's a quality Python-based program that includes intelligent logic to see if you're already up-to-date, preventing unnecessary downloads that are characteristic of less sophisticated tools. It's powered by the highly-regarded blocklists at blocklistpro.com, and can target both the "normal" and "paranoid" list versions.

uTIPF is designed for all recent Windows platforms, including Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and 7, both 32 and 64 bit. The author anticipates providing maintenance and support releases for this program indefinitely.

You will need the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package. If you don't already have it, get it at

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