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Top 10 Disgusting Websites to Share With Friends

yuckAre you constantly looking for something fresh and interesting to link to from your MySpace or Facebook account to intrigue and fascinate your friends?  You’ve tried displaying hilarious YouTube videos (like the 10 funniest ones Mark suggested) and you’ve tried posting thought-provoking quotes (like ones from the 10 quotation websites Saikat recommended) – yet still, your friends have not responded as much as you would have liked.
There is one remaining, very powerful way to provoke a reaction from your half-asleep friends. Link to one of the following top 10 disgusting websites, and watch what sort of response you get.

How to Determine The Top 10 Disgusting Websites

Choosing which websites should make the top ten list was very difficult only because there’s just so much stuff on the net that’s absolutely nauseating. And there’s really no way to pick the top websites, because there are just so many within each category – so instead I chose one appalling sample from each category. Those categories include surgeries (both human and animal), medical conditions, bugs and insects, bodily functions and a few other utterly gross things I can’t even type without gagging. I decided to write this article partially as a form of therapy. I admit it – I’ve got a weak stomach. I’ve been stung by wasps and hornets enough so that some insects really creep me out. I hate the sight of bodily fluids, and if you want to see me pass out just put me in the same room where there’s some kind of surgery that involves a scalpel cutting open human skin. Okay see…I almost just passed out again. Alright, let’s take a deep breath and work our way through the list.

#1 – Horror Movies Are Really Gross

disg1Now, in this list I decided to start with the most tame, and work down toward the most digusting website. The first on the list is Bloody-Disgusting, a horror fan’s dream come true – a site filled with fake blood, guts and gore from some of the nastiest horror movies you can find.
Some of the videos in the video section are pretty explicit, so beware. But if you’re one of those horror fans that can’t get enough creepy scenes filled with guts and gore, then this site will make you very happy. For the rest of you, expect lots of scenes that will make you wince.

#2 – Diseased Human Organs

disg2The next most disgusting websites is one that features one of the grossest objects on earth – the human body. The website is titled The Internet Pathology Library for Medical Education, a project produced by the combined efforts of Mercer University School of Medicine and The University of Utah.
However, the one thing the site proves is that pathologists are not normal. This entire library constists of snapshots taken by pathology students of real, juicy, slimy human organs taken in various states of disease (after the person has died, obviously.)

#3 – Neuticles. No, It’s Not a Dog Toy.

disg3One time in college, I remember having a free afternoon, so I started surfing the Internet (still very new at the time). What I came across was a veterinarian website featuring free videos of an animal neutering. Being a curious type, I clicked “play.” Doing so was one of the worst mistake of my life. I ended up in the bathroom, curled over the toilet and giving up my lunch.
Now, Neuticles takes that process to a whole new level. Not only does the site post free videos of animal neutering, but you get to watch as they insert these freaky polypropylene objects back into the animal. Yikes.
#4 – Doctor, I Seem to Have a Strange Rash
disg4When I was in high school, I used to occasionally get Athlete’s Foot from walking barefoot in the boy’s locker room. However, if the images on Visual Health are any indication, my case was pathetically minor compared to what Tinea Pedis actually looks like.
The medical photos in the “Skin Disease Finder” section at this site are not something you want to browse right after eating lunch.

#5 – Watching Surgeries For Fun

disg5You’ve probably realized by now that I find many aspects of the human body to be terribly disgusting (what gave it away?). The next on the list of the top 10 disgusting websites is a website brought to you by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, the National Institutes of Health and the U.S. National Library.
It’s called Medline Plus, and there’s a giant area devoted to offering the public surgery videos for just about every surgery imaginable.  I’m serious – they’ve got everything there. Not for the squeamish!

#6 – Creepy Crawlies Make Me Itch

disg6When you visit a website called InsectImages, and you really don’t like the little crawly things already, you know you’re asking for trouble. InsectImages is a site of Entomology photos – meaning, folks who love playing with disgusting insects.
What that means is that you’ll find an image for almost every creepy critter imaginable. Trust me, after going through two or three of these pages, you’ll be scratching behind your neck and running for the bug repellent.

#7 – Poop Report, Proving That Some People Are Just Weird

digs7Next on the list, there’s the Poop Report. That isn’t a play on words or an acronym, the site is actually 100% devoted to the subject of human fecal mater. Given, it explains itself as being devoted to “poop humor,” so I suppose if you have the right sense of humor it’s probably pretty funny.
However, it’s not entirely clear what generates the author’s obsession with poop – but every single article and news item mentioned is somehow focused on the topic. You can even get your own Poop Report t-shirt.
Now wouldn’t it be a riot wearing something like that to visit family? Okay, maybe poop is funny.

#8 – National Geographic is King of Disgusting Video

disg8National Geographic is one of the few websites that can publish so many grossly odd videos, and still come across as a very professional and scientific organization. At this particular link, you get to watch as the technician slices and dices each human organ on a cutting board.
It’s the most surreal and disgusting video I’ve watched in a log time – it’s difficult to keep in mind that she’s doing this to human body parts in the same manner she’d slice up beef for stew at home. It’s very disturbing.

#9 – Prank Your Friends With Vomit

dig9At (yes, you read that right – throw up dot com), you get to choose what you want your vomit to be made of – things like lettuce and broccoli with grape soda – and then send the animation of a person launching the wonderfully colored vomit.
Yes, some people never really do grow up. You just thought of several friends that you’d like to send this to, didn’t you…


#10 Man Vs. Wild and Eating Disgusting Things

digs10Bear Grylls, the host of Man vs. Wild on the Discovery Channel, has now made a place for himself in the annals of television history as one guy who’s absolutely willing to eat anything.
He’s scarfed down raw animal meat, maggots, and in one case he ate a larvae that he described as an “explosion of pus” in his mouth. How lovely. You have to give the guy credit, he has a stomach of steel, and he’s willing to do anything for television.

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