Sunday, August 26, 2012

3 Money-Saving Activities You Can Learn From YouTube

3 Money-Saving Activities You Can Learn From YouTube:
save money youtube videosFancy some computer-related tutorials? You can find plenty on a variety of topics from awesome apps to programming languages on Youtube, but what about other non-technological activities that you might complete every week? We have featured plenty of Youtube channels and videos that will teach you how to speak a specific language, cook, do your makeup, become more acquainted with engineering/Mathematics concepts, learn magic tricks and more. Here I will be taking a look at a few hobbies you can pick up from Youtube that can actually save you money, which, let’s be honest, can be handy considering how some economies are (or have been) plunging lately.


If you’re the creative type, why not channel that creativity into making things you can wear? There are many wonderful channels on Youtube dedicated to crafty things like jewelry-making. You can create them for yourself or as gifts! Youtubers have jewelry-making pretty well-covered with many thorough tutorials. Here are some starting points for you to explore jewelry-making:

There are many more tutorials on Youtube from which you can draw a lot of inspiration. Plus, another neat thing about jewelry-making is that craft stores (and even chain super centers) will likely have lots of materials for you to work with, whether those are additional charms, jewelry wire, etc.


Like jewelry-making, sewing is another activity where you can thoroughly use your creativity to create unique pieces. It’s also a pretty popular hobby on Youtube as there is a multitude of video tutorials. To start, you could learn:
This hobby isn’t just money-saving, but also potentially a lucrative hobby as there are many sellers on Etsy, the handmade marketplace, that have incredibly cute and unique laptop sleeve designs, backpacks, etc.
Here is one of my favorite videos on sewing, where the author makes a cute ruffle tunic:


Drinks are expensive but addictive nonetheless, so if you feel guilty for having too many of those sweet coffee drinks, maybe making them yourself will be a bit more guilt-free. You will know what ingredients went into that drink and you can control the amounts of substances used in your drink.
Fancy an adult beverage? Here a few popular cocktails you can learn to make yourself thanks to Youtube:
As for some coffee drinks, there are some Youtubers that have revealed how to make some of the following:
Here is a video for one of my favorite drinks, caramel frappuccino. The video actually shows a lighter version (made with skim milk), so I will probably try it as soon as I’m done typing!

There are plenty of other hobbies I haven’t begun to decipher that are very easy to pick up from the popular video-sharing platform. What crafty things have you learned from Youtube?
Image Credit: Fabrizio Van Marciano

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