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Choose Restaurants By Vibe & How Cool They Look With Hoppit

Choose Restaurants By Vibe & How Cool They Look With Hoppit:
If you love going out for meals, you know how important the feel of the place is. I mean, you might know a place that sells the tastiest Chinese food you’ve ever eaten, but if it’s a dive you’re going to head there for takeaway rather than a long meal. The same goes the other way around. Some places are just so classy that you don’t mind either paying larger amounts of money for your food or putting up with something slightly less than perfect.
The fact is, what the place looks like matters. The vibe of the place, the decor and the mood that sets is vitally important in setting the tone for your night out. If it’s right you’re going to be pleased, but if it’s off then you may as well have stayed at home. This is the problem Hoppit has come to solve for you: How to find the best bars and restaurants by what they look like and what sort of vibe they have. Read on for a completely new way of exploring your local restaurants.

Browsing Restaurants

So, pick a vibe for your night out. Something a bit Mad Men? Something cosy and quaint? Or maybe something a bit hipster? Still unsure? Pick all that apply. Plug in your city and maybe also add the sort of food you’re looking for and you know you’re heading in the right direction. Who are you with? Is it small kids, a good book or business colleagues?

You’d think that would be plenty enough options, but there’s actually more you can specify. Choose places with deals, filter restaurants from a number of different cuisines, find somewhere good to chat, pick the neighbourhood, or decide you want to eat somewhere only the 1% can afford. You just keep narrowing the options down until you’ve found the perfect place.

Now, when you see the results you notice that you’re given a map originally, then a picture of the actual venue loads over the top. It’s that perfect picture of the ideal bar or restaurant that will ultimately sway your decision. You’re also given the best matches up the top with some other near-enough choices thrown in for good measure. Click through on any venue and you’ll get more great photos and extra information on location, specifics and booking numbers.

The only downside? Well, the only restaurants listed are in the US for now. Anyone can give it a try, but until it expands worldwide it’s not of much use for people outside the US.

Your Lookbook

All this searching and browsing can be done without logging in. So, why would you? Well, to keep track of the best places, that’s why. Log in with your Facebook login and you can create your Lookbook of all the best bars and restaurants you’ve found while checking out Hoppit. You’ll never be at a loss for a great venue with this up your sleeve. To add something to your lookbook, simple click on the heart icon either on the venue’s page or in the corner of the photo when you hover over it in search results.

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