Monday, March 02, 2009

ADrive lets you store 50GB of files online for free

A few months ago Microsoft issued an update to Windows Live SkyDrive, allowing users to store up to 25GB of files online for free. But a whole year earlier, ADrive was offering a whopping 50GB of free storage space. Unfortunately the service was hobbled by an awkward file upload system.

I hadn't really thought about ADrive very much in the last year or so. But this afternoon I got an email from the company telling me about some updates. So I decided to check in on ADrive. The first thing I noticed was that the files I uploaded over a year ago were still intact. That's always a good thing.

ADrive still offers 50GB of free storage. But the web interface has been improved, even if the file uploader still requires Java. Users can now edit certain files in their web browsers by right clicking a file and selecting the Edit in Zoho option. And you can share files with other users or get URLs they can use to share large files with anyone via email or a hyperlink on a web site. Free account holders have a 1 terabyte file sharing limit (I assume this is per month). ADrive is also limiting the number of concurrent downloads allowed from free, basic accounts.

But if you sign up for a paid account, ADrive is offering some advanced features like FTP access, a larger number of concurrent downloads, SSL encryption, and a desktop client for Mac, Windows, and Linux computers. And of course, there are no ads. You can also get up to 1TB of storage space if you pay for a premium account.

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