Monday, March 02, 2009

Create temporary chat rooms with tiny URLs with TinyChat

No matter how much you love Twitter, sometimes 140 characters isn't enough to express complex thoughts. That's one reason you see people posting links on Twitter to blogs and other web sites where you can find additional information. A while back we covered TinyPaste, a service that sort of lets you cheat at Twitter by creating a long string of text or links to photos or videos and creating a short URL that you can use to publicize the link on Twitter.

Now the makers of TinyPaste are back with a new service that lets you create an instant chat room, complete with a short URL that you can use to promote the chatroom on Twitter or other sites. TinyChat is about as simple as a build your own web chat page could be. You just click a button to create a room and then enter the room or copy the link to share with others. That's pretty much all there is to it.

You can save a log of the chat as a text file, email it, or post it online. And you can even embed a TinyChat room on your web site.

There aren't a ton of advanced features. You can't upload files to a chat room, for example. But TinyChat has the basics covered. There are a few emoticons and you can perform basic actions with the "/me" command.

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