Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Create your own search page and a customized logo at Createfunnylogo

Create your own search page and a customized logo at Createfunnylogo:
Createfunnylogo Screenshot1
Createfunnylogo.com is a fun little web site that allows you to create your very own search page and customize it’s look and style, for free. The resulting page is a fully-functional search page that you can use to launch all your web searches.
There’s no real way to arrive at any specific or accurate number, really, as far as how many ways there are to customize your experience on the computer in general and the web ins specific. Createfunnylogo.com is one of those ways, and if I say so myself, one of the better ones. To my way of thinking, this kind of site is measured on how much fun it is, how easy it is, and how repeatable it is. Createfunnylogo.com scores well in all those areas, in my opinion.
Creatfunnylogo Screen 1
There are three basic steps to using the Createfunnylogo.com web site. First, you must type in your name, or the name of the search engine you wish to ‘create’ as a customized page to the Google search site. This can be anything you want, really, it doesn’t have to actually be your name, but that’s what I did for the purposes of this article and the screenshots shown here. Once you type in your name, or whatever name you have chosen, you must then choose from a list of logo styles. These styles include famous logos, from all kinds of places. For example, one of the logo styles used is a star wars style. If you pick this style, your name (or whatever you entered in the name box) will show up on the search page in the star wars style lettering. The final step to the whole process is to copy the URL for your resulting custom search page and then send it to friends or put it in your blog or on your website.
Creatfunnylogo Screen 3
This kind of fun little tool does not really do much in the way of productivity but let’s face it, productivity is not the only important thing in the universe. It has always been my opinion, and that of others as well, that no matter where you go on your journey through life (including cyber space) you should always try to have a little fun along the way. This could make a good kind of special ‘gift’ as well, if you want to show a relative or other loved one how much you think of them or that you care about them having a good day, you can create a search page logo with their name and send them the link for it, which they can then pass on to their friends. Another way it could be used would be as a joke or just as a fun way to keep a search page looking fresh.
Creatfunnylogo Screen 2
Google has always been interesting when it comes to their logos, as anyone who frequents the main Google search site regularly can tell you, and this particular site is a nice little addition to the history of Google as well, even if it is a footnote. One might look at the site and determine it to be worthless, but I would argue that its worth is in the ability to make someone smile, and that’s something we can all use a bit more of in our lives. As a great man once said, “A little nonsense now and then, is cherished by the wisest men.” and I hold this to be true today as well.
Creatfunnylogo Screen 4
So, go and make your own logo. Post the link for it on your Facebook page or on your blog. Send it to people in email and ask them to use it. Start a family league to see who can come up with the funniest logo and get the most people to use it. There’s no limit to what can be done with even a one-liner joke like this if you are really bored and exceptionally determined to waste your time and someone else’s. Personally, I am all for it. Until next time, my friends!
Make your own logo at www.Createfunnylogo.com

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