Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Use Too Many Music Services? Consolidate Your Music With Open-Source Social Player Tomahawk [Cross-Platform]

Use Too Many Music Services? Consolidate Your Music With Open-Source Social Player Tomahawk [Cross-Platform]:
social music playerSome users may wonder whether they should stick with music streaming services and ditch downloading songs to their local drives, or simply rely on the streaming options, because let’s face it, music streaming services are plentiful these days. With their low subscription fees, mobile streaming apps, and sometimes even no limits at all, music services, including Spotify and Grooveshark, represent convenience and portability, which are great for anyone that simply wants access to great music on the go. When you have such a large pool of music streaming options, you probably have your music spread across many digital music libraries, and many hard drives, whether it is your computer, your smartphone, your MP3 player, etc.
Tomahawk might be a good app that can help you consolidate your music. It is a social music player aiming to connect all of your music, regardless of the source, and placing them into a central library. From this library, you can pick and group songs into playlists, without needing to worry about whether they are on YouTube, Grooveshark, etc. Not only that, Tomahawk lets you connect to your friends from various networks and browse their libraries as well.
With Tomahawk Player, you can combine the music from your computers with the songs, playlists and stations from your favorite music streaming services. In the next screenshot, you can see the general layout of Tomahawk, which is reminiscent of iTunes, but in no way does Tomahawk share its slowness and lack of automatic music scanning.
social music player
Once you download the appropriate installation file for your operating system, you will see it scanning your hard drives for available music.
music player for social networks
Since your music probably also resides across multiple music streaming sources, Tomahawk lets you find your music content from many different music sites that you can add using resolvers. The latter are basically extensions that you install in one click to get Tomahawk to connect to YouTube, Soundcloud, Grooveshark, etc.
music player for social networks
For example, I added the YouTube resolver, and when I created an automated pop playlist to be filled with artists similar to Katy Perry, Tomahawk pulled in playable results from YouTube.
music player for social networks
Besides being able to connect to different streaming services via resolvers or extensions, Tomahawk also has a section called “Browse” that lets you discover music in the form of official charts, and songs that your friends have recently listened to or loved.
music player social networking sites
You can also connect to your Twitter and Google friends that are using Tomahawk and their collections by entering your account credentials in the Accounts tab of the Tomahawk settings.
Besides being able to see what songs your friends are listening to and which ones they absolutely loved,  you can also play them in Tomahawk.
social music player
Tomahawk is a genius social music player that aims to integrate your music collection from the myriad of music discovery and streaming services with your local digital music libraries. While its concept is already incredibly revolutionary, the coolest parts might be that it’s also open-source and cross-platform.
A similar music player that integrates many cloud-based music players is Nuvola Player, though it’s only available for Linux.
Do you know of similar music apps operating under great, unique concepts? Let us know in the comments section below.

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