Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Get a Mac OS X or iPad – style launcher with WinLaunch for Windows

Get a Mac OS X or iPad – style launcher with WinLaunch for Windows:

WinLaunch Screenshot1
If you think you might like to experiment with a launcher for Windows with Mac OS X or iPad style look and feel, then check this one out. WinLaunch is a free hotkey activated launcher with drag and drop support. It offers the option to create subfolders, iOS-style by simply dragging icons onto each other.
But even if you do not care for the Mac or iOS connection, WinLaunch is stylish and functional launcher in it’s own right that works really well, and can be used as an organizational tool to organize your shortcuts and icons.
How to use: WinLaunch runs with Windows, and is activated via a customizable hotkey (Shift+TAB by), optionally by mousing-over a desired corner of the screen, or optionally via middle mouse button. To add icons, press F while the launcher is open and drag and drop shortcuts from the Windows environment. To add pages, drag an icon off to the side of the screen. To create subfolders drag an icon over another, and both will be placed in the new folder. Use left/right arrows to scroll across multiple pages if any. To delete icons, left click for a length of time, then click on the little ‘x’ that appears.
WinLaunch Screenshot2
What I like about WinLaunch:
  • Very stylish and nice looking, with animation and transparency effects.
  • Is a nice change of pace. Even if it is a copy of Apple, it is original in comparison to most Windows launchers.
  • It can be used as an organizational tool to good effect, what with the subfolder and multiple page options.
  • Consumes about 16 megs in memory (which is comparatively small, or at least not high).
See it in action below:

Version tested:  BETA
Compatibility: WinAll. 32 bit and 64 bit. Requires MS .NET Framework 4.0
Download it here. More info here.

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