Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Assign Keyboard Shortcuts To Open Your Favorite Websites In Firefox

Speed dialing and bookmarking may have made it easier to open your favorite sites but can they beat out keyboard shortcuts? To answer that you need to ask yourself if you use icons and toolbars to get around or do you turn to your keyboard whenever you have a choice. If you’re the avid keyboard user, you might like the idea of using keyboard shortcuts for opening your favorite sites. Sailor Shortcuts is a Firefox extension that lets you create keyboard shortcuts for your ten favorite sites and use the arrow keys to move between tabs.
Sailor Shortcuts Options
Setting up shortcuts is simple; open the extension’s options and set the keyboard combination for opening a URL. You can choose to open URLs in new tabs or in the tab you’re currently working in. The extension also lets you move between tabs by using the arrow keys. You can use either the Ctrl, Shift, Alt or a combination of all three with any letter on the keyboard to open a URL.

Install Sailor Shortcuts For Firefox

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