Thursday, June 23, 2011

Control How Pages Are Loaded In Firefox From A Context Menu

Firefox is a great browser which requires an annoying number of restarts and that means lots of pages reloading at the same time, slowing things down. Unfortunately Firefox doesn’t come with a page load control option so you have to either let all the pages you had open in different tabs load or you have to stop them one by one. Absolute Load Control is a Firefox extension that gives you better control over how pages are loaded. It lets you stop pages from loading from any tab, it lets you reload all tabs, reload tabs from memory, stop all pages from loading, stop loading pages that have frozen, reload tabs that were stopped and disable JavaScript on the current tab.
absolute load control

The extension adds options to the reload/stop button next to the URL bar. Right-clicking the button opens a menu. The menu is divided in to two parts; one to stop pages and the other to reload pages. You can stop all tabs and frozen (unresponsive) tabs, from loading. You can reload broken tabs (pages with load errors) or reload all tabs that you stopped. The extension also lets you toggle JavaScript on & off on the current tab and reload a page from the memory. It also adds options to bypass the cache when loading a page by pressing CTRL + Left Click.

Install Absolute Load Control For Firefox

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