Sunday, June 26, 2011

Blade Runner: Free Portable Office Suite

Blade Runner is a portable free office suite that can be used from Flash Drive, Memory Stick or any portable memory. It’s based on SSuite Advance Office and it’s also known as SSuite Office Portable. This portable software has been created to provide increased system performance and hardware compatibility. If you are familiar with the Fifth Element office suite then you will be happy to know that Blade Runner used some utilities from the Fifth Element office suite.

blade runner

Blade Runner comes with WordGraph, My EZ Mail, Accel, Search and Find, My Web Browser, PDF Memo Creator, Printing Envelope addresses, Instant LAN Messenger, Portable Address book, Note Book, My Money Portable, Agnot Security Box, EZ Photo Editor, Clipboard Viewer and some other useful tools. It’s a complete free office suite that helps you to receive or send emails, edit images and quickly create documents or spreadsheets. You can also browse the internet, manage your addresses, and keep track of your expenses with this free office suite. You can also delete a file without a trace or protect a file with Agnot Security Box.

Blade Runner does not run on .NET or Java like StarOffice or MS Office so you won’t get error messages like “No Java Installed” or “Your version of Java is old” while launching this free portable office suite. You don’t have to buy a new operating system or upgrade your hardware to use this free portable office suite. It is designed to work on all Windows operating system supporting the WIN32 API. Moreover, it doesn’t leave any residual file on the registry or the system after closing. This free office suite comes with easy-to-use interface and uses relative drive paths to ensure maximum portability.

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Features of Blade Runner:

  • Doesn’t require any installation
  • Directly use from flash drive, memory stick or any portable memory
  • Supports all Windows operating systems
  • Compatible with other versions of SSuite Office Suites
  • Comes with WordGraph, Accel and other useful programs

Blade Runner is available for download at SSuite Portable’s official website and it’s only 17.8MB in size. It supports any and all Windows operating system. Download Blade Runner Free.

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