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10 Single-Serving Sites That Are Useful, Funny, Or Weird

10 Single-Serving Sites That Are Useful, Funny, Or Weird:
single serving sitesA single-serving website is a website that serves a single purpose. This same website usually contains just a single page. They are very narrowly-targeted and typically come attached to a vanity domain name. They serve no real purpose other than to entertain us and see where they go.
Some single-serving websites have become huge due to their very simple, unique nature. They go viral quite easily because, well, people like stupid little things that make them laugh or think (even if it’s just a page that is a single color with a clever URL). I’d like to show you 10 of my favorite single-serving websites. Then, in the comments, I want to know what you think and see some personal favorites of your own.

Do Nothing For 2 Minutes

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This website is pretty self-explanatory. The idea behind this single-serving site is to get people away from their mouse and keyboard for only two minutes to make sure we’ve still got blood flowing to our extremities. The Internet is pretty addictive. Sometimes we just need to sit back and take a breather.


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Are you a coder without much of a creative side? Classnamer can assist you in naming your classes in Java or any other programming language. I’ve actually used this website once or twice when I’ve been stuck. Very useful and practical, although not very specific.

Just Fucking Do It

single serving sites list
If you’re a major procrastinator, set this as your browser’s homepage for a while.

Who Won The ?

single serving sites list
This single-serving website is actually very useful. You can find who last won the Super Bowl, NBA Finals, American Idol, Academy Awards, Nobel Peace Prize, Miss America, Little League World Series, Boston Marathon, The Voice, BCS Bowl, and a lot more. It’s a general hub that every winner should check out.

Who Is The Cutest?

single serving websites
Much like JFDI, this website is otherwise useless yet….somehow effective. Set this as your homepage and get perked up daily when you start your browser.

Good v Evil

single serving websites
Good v Evil represents a constant power struggle that exists on the Internet. This single-serving site includes just a simple poll where you choose your side. The battle never ends. Can Evil eventually catch up?

Make Your Homepage Look Good

If you’re big on Google, this single-serving site will completely trick out the look of your Google Search page. MYHPLG features a lot of really elegant and beautiful designs. The designs are also categorized into groups for themes like nature and cars. Be careful, because once you use this you won’t want to go back to the boring and bright default design ever again.

Price Of A Stamp

single serving websites
This website is probably the most pure representation of “single serve.” Once you check this site once, you probably won’t need to for a long time. Just like the title says, it’ll show you the current and updated price of a US stamp.
Aside from the core feature, I’d like to mention that this website is a great example of intelligent SEO and affiliate marketing!

Count 60 Minutes Down

This one is a huge timesaver for me. A lot of online timers are operated by modifying a time variable in the URL, but this one is really just a click-and-go solution. If you want to take a nap or be reminded when a show is on in an hour, this really works exactly as desired.

Turn Your Name Into a Face

single serving sites
TYNIaF is fun and silly. Every letter is assigned a specific character type, and full names create a unique face. Mine is in the screenshot above. How weird does yours come out to be?
Do you have a favorite single-serving site that you want to tell us about?  If so, let us know the URL in the comments so we can all take a look.  What do you like about it?

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