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12 Interesting Google Suggest Results & What They Reveal

12 Interesting Google Suggest Results & What They Reveal:
interesting google suggestGoogle Search is the modern world’s confessional. Whatever it is that we need help with, we just type it into the patient white search box and hope for relevant results. Google even helps us complete our searches by suggesting phrases based on the search activities of other users, a feature known as autocomplete. Not surprisingly, the results are often revealing and occasionally entertaining. For this article I have selected a few Google Suggest highlights.
Note that your results will differ depending on what Google location you are using and whether or not you are logged into Google. Moreover, results will change over time, as they represent the presently most used search queries. The results below were found using and, while not being logged into Google.

How To vs. How Not To

interesting google suggest
This is one of many searches revealing how a single word makes all the difference in the world. While the ‘how not to’ crowd seems to struggle with jealousy, sadness, and laziness (How Not to Live Your Life is a British sitcom), the ‘how to’ folks are ready to take the corporate world by storm, while cooking healthy food (How to Make It in America is an American TV series).
I’m actually surprised that there aren’t more tech-related suggestions for the ‘how to’ search query.

Is It Safe vs. Is It Dangerous

google suggest results
Apparently, lots of people are interested in traveling to Mexico and wonder about its safety. While the average person beginning their search with ‘is it safe’ appears to be either pregnant or interested in traveling, there seems to be a lot more variation among people searching for ‘is it dangerous’.

Is It Right vs. Is It Wrong

google suggest results
Interestingly, ‘is it wrong to’ is most popular when searched all by itself, closely followed by concerns around sexual orientation and activities. People searching for ‘is it right’ on the other hand, seem to wonder about less trivial questions.

Can I vs. Can You

google suggest results
What I found interesting about this search is how the results correlate. In case you wonder, Can You Run It is a website that tells you whether or not your computer meets the system requirements of a given game.
After these fun comparisons, let’s have a closer look at some solo searches.

America Is…

google suggest funny
Google Suggest covers the whole spectrum of what America is thought to be, from the greatest country in the world to some less enthusiastic results. Overall, people using Google in Canada seem to be in a split mind over what America is. Try this search in your own Google location.

Work Is…

google suggest funny
Google suggests that work is the curse of the drinking class. This of course is a famous quote by Oscar Wilde. Work is love made visible is another quote, this one from The Prophet Kahlil Gibran.
After clearing those up, I’m left wondering why so many people would search for work is not a job.

Where Is…

google suggest funny
I like this one because of the Easter Egg hidden in this list. Try to search for where is Chuck Norris, but instead of actually searching Google, click the I’m Feeling Lucky button. Your result should look like this:
google search where is chuck norris

Stop Finishing…

interesting google suggest
This one speaks for itself I think.
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Have you come up with more interesting Google Suggest search queries or did you discover some wild Google Easter Eggs?

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