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Top 5 Survival Blogs To Read If You Hope To Survive The End Of The World

Top 5 Survival Blogs To Read If You Hope To Survive The End Of The World:
survival blogSo what happens when our world experiences some sort of apocalyptic disaster that renders modern civilization incapable of sustained existence? Or, I guess the more pressing question is, how are you going to survive?
If we’ve learned anything from movies, you’ll spend a few years scavenging run-down supermarkets and grocery stores around the country, looting canned goods and Twinkies. But then what? If you aren’t a farmer and if you don’t know any farmers, you’re out of luck. But assuming the ground stays fertile and rain keeps pouring, there is a way to live. It’s called Survival, with a capital ‘S’.
And maybe some of you readers are just interested in survival tactics even though the world hasn’t fallen apart yet. That’s cool, too. In either case, check out these awesome survival blogs that will help you learn all there is to know about surviving in the wild.

Survival Blog

survival blog
Founded in 2005 by Jim Rawles, Survival Blog has grown to be the Internet’s most popular blog on survival preparedness. The topics covered are broad in range and deeply thorough, and relevant to you whether you’re just hiking through the woods or preparing for the end of the world.
Survival Blog has published over 1,000 posts and articles over the years, so finding information can be like searching for a needle at the bottom of the ocean. According to the author, the best way to search is to “take full advantage of the article categories and blog database search window.”

Survival Spot

modern survival blogSurvival Spot is a website and community dedicated to the philosophy of wilderness survival. Not only do they focus on the particular “how” of survival, but they expound on “why” you should learn to be prepared.
Even if you think you’ll never be lost in the woods, you can never know when this knowledge will come in handy.
This blog is updated a few times every month with helpful information. For example, there are how-to videos, do-it-yourself articles, and free survival resources for the frugal.

The Survivalist Blog

modern survival blog
From M.D. Creekmore comes the Survivalist Blog, founded in 2007 and still reliably pumping out articles on survivalism. The author prides himself on his belief that survival is not just about owning the right equipment but having the right mindset.
He’s written thousands of articles on survival and all of his advice is personally tested and retested. Nothing is what he calls “armchair commando survival advice.” He lives and breathes what he teaches.

The Survival Mom

modern survival blog
When someone talks about “wilderness survival,” I’m willing to bet that your first thoughts go to rugged, muddy men with rifles slung over their shoulders, decked out in camouflage and worn leather boots. Well, here comes Lisa Bedford to demolish all of those preconceptions.
The author of the Survival Mom blog is an American wife and mother of two children who believes that everyone should be prepared for disaster. She has a great deal of informative articles, ranging from the basics of being prepared to instant survival tips that may come in handy at the most inopportune times.

Bug Out Survival

survival websites
God forbid it, but there may be times when you have less than a minute to grab what you can from your home and high-tail it out of there. That destructive tornado isn’t going to wait for you to be all packed and ready, that’s for sure.
Bug Out Survival aims to be the most pertinent resource for these sort of “bug out” situations: a situation where you may be forced to leave the comforts and familiarity of home behind and head out to the boonies with just what you can carry.
This blog will teach you the necessary skills you’ll need to survive, including techniques for bushcraft, hunting, and gathering, as well as the proper mindset when surviving.

BONUS: Ray Mears & Les Stroud

If you’re truly interested in wilderness survival and want to see it in action on the screen (instead of in articles), then you should check out Ray Mears and Les Stroud. Both of these men have created a TV series dedicated to teaching the craft of survival.
survival blog
Ray Mears has produced series like Extreme Survival, Bushcraft, and Wilderness Survival, while Les Stroud is known for his work as Survivorman. I highly discourage watching Man vs. Wild for anything but entertainment. Many of the stunts on that show have been exposed as fake and dangerous.
Do you have any survival resources you’d like to share with us? Post them in the comments so we can all learn a thing or two!
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