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Make Your Plaintext Emoticons Snazzy Using Emojicons

Make Your Plaintext Emoticons Snazzy Using Emojicons:
plain text emoticonsWhether our IM client or SMS interface converts them to graphical smilies or not, every single one of us has typed out an emoticon before. The plaintext emoticon is how we express our emotion in an otherwise emotionless state of internet. It prevents us from having to type out more plainly, “I am smiling.” This would be awkward and inconvenient.
We’ve all come across a :) or XD, but it goes deeper than that. There’s so much more possibility when it comes to textually expressing those feelings. It’s time for you to learn how to show some real, unique emotion online!
To quote Wikipedia:
An emoticon is a pictorial representation of a facial expression using punctuation marks and letters, usually written to express a person’s mood. Emoticons are often used to alert a responder to the tenor or temper of a statement, and can change and improve interpretation of plain text. The word is a portmanteau word of the English words emotion and icon. In web forums, instant messengers and online games, text emoticons are often automatically replaced with small corresponding images, which came to be called emoticons as well. Certain complex character combinations can only be accomplished in a double-byte language, giving rise to especially complex forms, sometimes known by their romanized Japanese name of kaomoji.
Read that last sentence carefully, because that’s exactly what this post is about. Let me introduce you to Emojicons.
plain text emoticons

Check out Emojicons!

Again, straight from the source, here is Emojicons’ little mission statement:
We’re here to serve your every textual need, providing a relentless number of ways to refine your chats, tweets, IMs, Facebook posts, YouTube responses, Reddit comments, forum flaming, rage quitting, trolling, and every other type of written discourse. Emoticons, kaomoji, facemarks, and smileys galore!
Emojicons is home to that perfect mood you want to express and gain attention for in your next YouTube comment or Reddit post. Here’s a look at the Emojicons hall of fame, just so you know what you’re getting into:
text emoticons
This is a far leap from what we’re used to, according to Wikipedia’s list of emoticons:
text emoticons
To be fair, they’re even a little more creative and unique when put beside emoticons that are popular in the east, too:
text emoticons
Emojicons allows for simple, one-click copying of each and every emoticon featured on their website. They’ve even set aside specific sections for emoticon types:
You’re also able to find and sort your emoticons by tags, which are displayed under each emoticon on the website.
Another very awesome and unique feature to this website is their “table flipping” phenomenon. These emoticons are interactive and will let you change the length of the table within each emoticon. I’m not sure where this table flipping thing originated, but it’s a pretty cool little concept.

plain text emoticons

Let me know what you guys think about Emojicons. Has it made you smile or frown? I want to see your favorite emoticons in the comment section if you’ve got the time! Check out these articles, also:

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