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5 Different Q&A Websites You Can Put Your Questions To & Get Answers

5 Different Q&A Websites You Can Put Your Questions To & Get Answers:
question and answer websitesThe web is the oracle of the modern age. Google Search might be a digital prophet, but there are a lot of other sites which do a darn good job of answering your questions. These are the Q&A services, which are more often than not powered by the community of their users.
We have our very own – MakeUseOf Answers where you can ask any tech related question and expect to get a solution pretty quickly.
Tech questions are pretty common. There are some others out there which deal with a specific topic. Check out the five different sorts of question-answer help websites below, and do add a few of your own in the comments below.


question and answer websites
If you are asked by your kid – who is Barack Obama, you would probably get it right. But are you sure you have the right answer for what exactly is a Bermuda Triangle? Children ask all sorts of questions. Whyzz answers some of them at least. Whyzz is a carefully curated knowledge bank of questions and answers that helps to keep parents informed and ready when the knowledge bug bites their kids.
The Whyzz team “translates” answers so that kids can easily understand complex topics in a clear manner. Whyzz also says that they also advise parents on talking to their kids about serious issues with insights into questions on tough subjects like death, illness, safety, and more. (Read Directory mention)


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If it was about kids and parenting in an educational sense in the last Q&A website, it’s about the general role of a mother in this one. Moms4Mom is a question-answer site that’s for mothers (and fathers too) who are looking for answers concerning pregnancy, motherhood, fatherhood, babies, children and parenting.
Like all other Q&A web services, this is also powered by a vibrant community. Questions also earn votes to indicate their relevance and popularity. Questions like “At what age should we start reading books to our children?” have got pretty impressive views.

Is It Normal

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It It Normal helps you to perceive how “normal” are you. Questions linger within us that need answering. It could be anything from a pet peeve to peculiar trait. Ask the community (anonymously of course) and their answer just might help to give you a benchmark to measure against.
Each question gets slotted into a category and then the community votes to decide whether the situation is normal or not. A higher percentage of votes would indicate that there’s nothing much wrong with you. The comments always make for an interesting read. (Read Directory mention)


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Qpixl takes advantage of two factors – the use of camera phones and our obsessive desire for peer approval. The social network linked service is not a Q&A site in the traditional sense. Here, you click a snap and ask a question. It works best with the free iPhone app that’s available for download. Your own network of friends gives you real time answers.
Your question is posted on your Facebook profile and displayed in your Facebook friends feed and/or sent to your Twitter followers, Tumblr and DailyBooth blogs for an answer. The answer flows back to you via your profile. This site makes it easy to get that peer ‘review’ by polling your friends. I haven’t tried this app myself, so do let us know how you found it in real-time.


question and answer websites
I like the neatness of this food n’ recipe site, and also for the simple fact that questions do get answered. The Q&A service for the foodies is a virtual hotline for any cooking dilemma. Keep your questions short – 140 characters or less – and you can also check an option for a quick redress of your particular recipe problem. The community seems to be vibrant as each question gets a healthy share of views.
If you fall back on the wisdom of the crowds, don’t forget to check these out:
From parenting to food, you can be sure that the web has an answer for everything. You just have to look around. People are asking questions and getting answers. Are you? Tell us about your favorite Q&A site? Is it tech related or about something else.
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