Friday, March 09, 2012

PinPuff For Pinfluencers And Other Ways To Find Pinterest Users

PinPuff For Pinfluencers And Other Ways To Find Pinterest Users:
If you’re a business owner or blogger who wants exposure on Pinterest, you would probably love to know who to approach in order to get your pictures pinned by the most influential people. But how do you find these Pinterest influencers?
Well, PinPuff has evolved to help answer this question. Essentially, at the moment it’s the Klout of the Pinterest world. Through their algorithms, eventually you should easily be able to see who is popular and influential. Plus, you might even get noticed yourself! We’ll also take a look at a few more ways to find great Pinners. Happy Pinning!

Check Your Own Pinfluence

To get started with PinPuff, you’re encouraged to get into the system yourself. Enter your email address and Pinterest name in order to get your Pinfluence score. Your profile will also give you a few ideas as to how you might become more popular, have more reach, and generally become a more influential Pinner yourself. If you have a high Pinfluence score, you may be able to gain the interest of brands and businesses who wish to get exposure on Pinterest.

At this stage, you gain that interest from businesses by advertising your own PinPuff score via social networks and your blog, but PinPuff says there will be more to come.

Who To Follow On Pinterest?

If you’ve recently joined Pinterest, or if you have a form of addiction to it, you might be racking your brains trying to find out who else you should follow in order to expose yourself to more neat pins. Because, as you know, when you find great pins more possibilites open up in your world and also that when you pin them, you are all the more interesting to your followers. But how do you find them?

PinPuff Is Not Just Klout For Pinterest

They’re still in early days yet, but PinPuff state clearly that they will be more than just a Klout for Pinterest. This will hopefully involve more ways to explore Pinners via score and interest, so you can find who is worth noticing in various fields.

The Pinterest Way To Find Great Pinners

While you’re in the Pinterest site itself, the easiest thing to do is to browse categories and popular pins, then click randomly on people who have pinned something interesting that you like.

Hack your day with Pinterest in order to stay motivated, then add any users you have found.
Check out your favourite blogs (see on Pinterest) and follow the people who have been pinning their content.

Look at all the users who have pinned the pictures you have liked. You can then either follow all of their boards or just the boards relevant to you.
You can also find your friends via social networks, which should hopefully lead you to connect to people who you respect and know that you already have similar interests.
Finally, you can explore all the users that the people you are following are following.
The problem with these methods is there’s no guarantee these Pinners you find this way will update regularly with great content. It’s very hit and miss.
What would you like to see Pinpuff do for Pinterest users?

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