Saturday, March 10, 2012

Share large files without file-size, download speed, or monthly bandwidth limits with the ‘Share’ app

Share large files without file-size, download speed, or monthly bandwidth limits with the ‘Share’ app:

Share Screenshot
Share is a free, desktop-based large file sharing app that has no limit on file sizes, download speeds, or monthly download bandwidth. However, files can only be shared among users that install the ‘Share’ application on their computers.
Although not a peer-to-peer Freewaregenius 5-Star Picksharing app, Share employs the BitTorrent file sharing protocol within a simple and user friendly program; however, it will not provide a public torrent download, no’r does it provide a publically accessible URL (that can be published on websites for example). Note that share uploads your files completely to their servers, and you do NOT need to keep the file on your system or keep your PC online.
This software is from the same people who brought you the Bittorent protocol and who now own uTorrent. Here are some pros and cons.
Some notes on this program:
  • No file or download restrictions: in terms of file sizes, download speeds, and monthly download bandwidth.
  • Easy simple interface: sparse, supports dragging and dropping of files
  • Supports pause and resume: if you shut it down in mid download, your files will continue downloading where you left off the next time you launch it.
  • Your files are uploaded to a central location: such that if you delete the files locally or if your system is not online, your friends can still download them. The bittorent p2p aspect of this likely means
  • You can create groups: so as to make sharing with multiple people a lot simpler. For example, media files from your graduation party, all easily shareable in one place/group.
  • Connects with Facebook: such that you could sharing with your Facebook contacts quickly and easily.
  • Allows comments: as in Facebook or other social sites.
The verdict: an excellent, reliable, and ad-free way to share large files with your friends that does not have many of the annoying restrictions found in other services.
Share restricts file sharing to people that you know (i.e. you cannot publish a URL for random people to use, and you have to share with individuals that you know). In the larger scheme of things, this is probably a good thing that makes it different from all the various ‘file locker’ type sites, and might well be an important detail that prevents (it or makes it much less likely) to be shut down.
What is not entirely clear however, is whether Share will use your computer’s bandwidth to upload files in a peer-to-peer fashion (it does NOT seem to be the case).
Version Tested: 1.0
Compatibility: Windows; the Mac version of share is available from within uTorrent itself.
Go to the program home page to download the latest version (~565K).

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