Thursday, March 08, 2012

Use Brayola To Find Great Bras Which Fit You Well

Use Brayola To Find Great Bras Which Fit You Well:
Until recently, women who wanted to purchase a bra online were really gambling on how well the bra would fit. Sizing charts were laboriously pored over by women looking to buy a new bra and purchases were made with returns policies in mind just in case it turned out not to fit at all. Even when sticking to the same brand, it doesn’t necessarily mean a bra of the exact same size will fit. For many of us, the best course of action when buying online was to buy the exact same bra you have at home already.
But now a new startup called Brayola is working towards changing how women find bras that fit well. They do it by employing a social matching element like you would find in Zappos. That is, you tell them all the bras you have which already fit well and they tell you all the other bras they know about which other people your size have liked. It’s a simple premise, but the results could change the way you shop for bras for life.

Don’t Tune Out, Guys!

Just because you don’t have a need for bras yourselves, doesn’t mean you’ll never buy one. Why not ask your girlfriend/wife which bras are her favourites and use this information to find new bras for her in Brayola? It’s perfectly designed for gift-buyers.

Shop For Bras Online With Confidence

By creating a pool of bras which are known to fit women of size X, all the women who are size X will be more confident that bras in that pool will work for them. When deciding to purchase this bra online without trying it on, shoppers will have more confidence that it will indeed fit well.

Explore New Bras

Brayola works in much the same way as You enter in what you already love and they use social data to match you with more things you might like. So, when shoppers of size X see the list of bras other people in size X fitted well, they may well find new brands of bras which they previously didn’t know about.

Using Brayola

Brayola starts with a very simple task: “Tell Brayola about the bra you love to wear“. You enter in the brand from a large list and then narrow down the style and size according to details on the bra tag. This information is stored in your “bra drawer” along with any other bras you’ve entered in to the system, which you can then save by signing up for an account.

You can create multiple drawers in order to get different styles recommended, plus you can add details of bras you dislike in order to get better recommendations.

Later, while you browse recommendations, you’re able to easily buy the bras you like the look of from either a retail store or Amazon.

More Useful Online Shopping Info

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Have you found any great new bras with Brayola?

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