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4 Ways To Get Your Google Plus RSS Feeds

4 Ways To Get Your Google Plus RSS Feeds:
google plus rss feedAre you sick of sites like Facebook and Google+ keeping your activities secret in their private walled garden? Does your participation in new social networks depend on whether you can share that information with more than just the people within that network? Since Google+ doesn’t offer the RSS feeds themselves, some of us are always hunting for ways to get the information out.
RSS feeds are still a very popular method for sharing within social networks these days, so we’ll go through a few ways to get your posts and +1s out of Google+ via RSS. There are several options to choose from, with varying degrees of difficulty to use, risk and stability. The choice is yours!
To use the following tools, go to your Google+ profile and look at the URL. Copy that big long number just before /posts and paste it into the configuration settings (or, for some tools you’ll need the full page URL). Then, run the tool and copy the RSS feed that is generated.

This service simply involves you using your Google plus number to create your own RSS feeds, by replacing the long number given with your own. There are also a few alternative feed URLS available to enable shorter post length or number of posts.
google plus rss feed


Google Plus To RSS is a service that lets you log in using your Google+ credentials and allow the service permanent access to your account in order to generate your RSS feed. While this is easy, it’s not necessarily ideal as many people would like to limit the number of applications with access to their Google account. If you’re uneasy about this, simply use instead, which only has access to posts you make public.
google plus rss feed generator

Yahoo Pipes

Yahoo pipes is an incredibly useful service which is often overlooked. One of its most useful features is that it’s able to to scrape a page and turn that into an RSS feed.
google plus rss feed generator
Another, most convenient feature is that if a user has already worked out how to create a pipe for a given website correctly, they can make the pipe available for anyone to use. If you’re a regular user of Yahoo Pipes, you could clone a copy of these pipes and make adjustments to them as you see fit (obviously then using the generated RSS feed from your own copy of the pipe instead). Sadly, I can’t find any working pipes to generate a Google+ feed right now. If you know of one, please share in the comments!


A while back, there was a service called PlusFeed which was hosted on Google Appspot to serve RSS feeds for Google+ users. It was removed from Appspot due to costs and quickly replaced by Plusfeed2 on Appspot, which was also removed. I think we can guess that any replacements on Appspot will see their end in due time. However, Russel Beattie has ensured the code is freely available on Github so you can host your own service to get your own RSS feed.
google plus rss feed

More Google Plus Tools

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Which service did you choose for your Google+ RSS feed? Why?
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