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Get A Wavii Instant Topic-Based News Feed To Keep You Updated

Get A Wavii Instant Topic-Based News Feed To Keep You Updated:
wavii newsIn the last few years, Facebook has showed us that many people like to have a go-to page online to view photos, activities and updates from their friends. The format of the Facebook home page has been refined often, now with similar items being clustered together and so on. Now, a service has arisen to fulfill that same need, but for information on your favourite topics instead. Meet Wavii, your topic-based feed.
Wavii is quite simply a neat way to follow your favourite topics. Unlike your RSS feeds, Wavii is filtered so that only one headline for each story is shown to you. So, you’re able to keep track of the big events in each topic without being drowned in repeat information.

Meet Wavii

Wavii is to topics what your Facebook home page is to your friends. Basically, instead of following friends or RSS feeds, you just follow the topic. Wavii uses their magic to ensure you only see one headline for each major story that comes up and you’re left with a concise feed of information which shows you exactly what you need to see to stay in the know. Wavii is also available for iPhone, so you can keep track on the go.
To get a better feel for how Wavii works, check out their promotional video. It really sums it up in no time at all.

Set Up Your Wavii

Wavii only allows Facebook sign-in, which will upset a few people for sure. However, they do make very good use of the information found on Facebook and will suggest topics for you to follow based on your “likes”.
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Topics are as simple as your favourite personalities, brands, world leaders and bands or more complex things like “Travel Updates” and “Arrests” to keep track of what big names are doing that might be worth knowing. There’s also plenty of technology, business and politics-focused topics to follow if you’d prefer.
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You are asked to set up a few topics as you sign up, but you can always add more later by clicking on “Discover” or searching for topics. Another good way to find new topics is to follow people, view their profiles and get notified when they follow new topics.
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Topics in Wavii are also highlighted whenever they’re mentioned in a story. For instance, I follow stories on Google and “Gmail” is underlined as a potential Wavii topic for me to follow.
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For every news story, you can get involved in a conversation with other readers in Wavii. This will also go through to your Facebook feed if you choose to do so. Look for the smiley in the corner of each post to get chatting!
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Privacy Note

By default, Wavii shares information on who you follow, which topics you are following and what you are reading to your friends on Wavii and also sends all Wavii activity to Facebook. If this isn’t for you, it can be turned off in the account settings.
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It’s Beta!

Don’t forget that Wavii is still in Beta and that they’d love your feedback. They have a cute “thumbs up”/”thumbs down” feedback system on the right hand side of each page where you can let them know how you feel about something and send a brief message.

Similar Services

The biggest competitors to Wavii are your good old RSS reader, Facebook pages in your home feed and Google services like Google+ topic searches and Google alerts. Out of these, the Google+ searches are the most similar to view, but they’re full of user-created posts which may or may not show you the big news, and potentially show you the same thing many times. This makes Wavii rather a contender!
What else would you like to see from Wavii?

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