Friday, April 20, 2012

Use RTBot For Real-Time Topic Search In News & Various Media

Use RTBot For Real-Time Topic Search In News & Various Media:
real time topicWhich search engine do you use if you’re looking for real-time results? Lots of people would just jump on Twitter search or Google and see what’s being said recently. The problem with this however is that it either limits your results to just Twitter or it takes several different searches to get to the results you want. RTBot has a simpler way for you to try.
If you spend a lot of time researching things online, you’re probably keen to know when there’s a new search engine in town – especially one that does real-time search across multiple services and media types. RTBot is the new player on the scene and it will win you over with its simplicity and elegance.

RTBot Difference

RTBot is not trying to be your everyday search engine. They aim to focus on specific topics, such as concepts, subjects, personalities, events, places, companies and products. Broader, less specific searches are not recommended on RTBot.

Educational Uses OF RTBot

The way RTBot is set up, results are like a topic in an encyclopedia. The difference being that all the information is the latest, most relevant data. If you were trying to learn more on a given topic, say Cloud Computing, you could revisit the link to find new material to view and read each day.
real time topic

Try RTBot

Head over to RTBot and plug in a simple search term. You’ll see that you’re presented with results under a number of tabs:
  • Videos
  • Wikipedia
  • Images
  • Twitter
  • News
  • Documents
  • Blogs
  • WebLinks
From there it’s pretty obvious how you proceed. The information is clearly separated so that you can find the exact sorts of results you need quickly.
real time topic detection

Permanent Short Result URL

RTBot have made life even easier for those of us who regularly search for results on the same topic. For each search term, there’s a short, permanent URL given to the query, with regular modifiers for Twitter and videos, etc. For instance, here’s some of the URLs for search results for “Adelaide”:
real time topic detection
With these short, regular URLs you can easily link to the results you need from within your to-do list, Delicious links, working documents and other methods of organisation. In short, they’re really useful!


The RTBot documents tab is a great resource for researchers, as it indexes more in-depth documents, such as word documents and PDFs. If you’re looking for studies or government-released information on certain topics, this tab will surely help you to find the sorts of things you need.
real time topic


The news tab is made up of print news and magazine sources, thus limiting the results much further than Google News results would. It’s a refreshing change proving that, on occasion, less is indeed more.

RSS Feeds

RTBot have not yet implemented their RSS feeds, but they’ve made sure you know the feature is on its way. With RSS feeds of your favourite search results you can easily follow real-time results for your search from within your Google Reader or other favourite RSS reader.

More Great Search Engines

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Can you think of any good uses for a real-time search engine like RTBot? What would you use it for? Let us know in the comments.

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