Sunday, April 22, 2012

Download MP3s from SoundCloud with SoundCloud Downloader

Download MP3s from SoundCloud with SoundCloud Downloader:
Cloud Downloader Screenshot
We’ve mentioned SoundCloud a lot lately: an audio file repository in the cloud where users upload all sorts of publicly available mostly user generated content. If you are looking for a simple and easy way to download files from SoundCloud then check out the free ‘SoundCloud Downloader’, which can come in handy if you’ve reached the download limit, the download functionality is disabled, or you’re interested in downloading multiple tracks in batch.
SoundCloud Downloader takes a URL as input, scours if for all linked tracks, and then gives you the option to download any or all of the audio files that are shown on that page (using a checkbox to select the ones you want). It can work with, say, a long page of search results as well as a URL with a single, individual track.
How to use:
  • Go to the SoundCloud web site (using a desktop client will likely not work), search or browse to a page that contains the audio you want to download, then copy the URL into the clipboard.
  • Launch Cloud Downloader (portable app) and paste the URL into the dialog. Next, select the checkboxes that correspond to all the tracks you wish to download. Use the play and pause controls on the right to preview tracks if you wish.
  • That’s it. Click the download button and you’re done.
Check out a video below:
The verdict: a nice little, portable, and unobtrusive tool that can download individual tracks as well as tracks en masse. Looking for more SoundCloud related software mentioned on Freewaregenius? Click here.
[Thanks go to reader Martin M for letting us know about this one]
Version tested: 2.0
Compatibility: WinAll
Go to the program page to download the latest version (~547).

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