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Become A Champion Or Play Against Friends With Pocket Soccer [Android]

Become A Champion Or Play Against Friends With Pocket Soccer [Android]:
pocket soccer androidNo matter what most Americans might have to say, soccer is still the most popular sport in the world. With popular sports come popular games, especially for mobile devices. But before you go out into the Play Store and look at the rather large selection of soccer games, which ones are worth trying out? Why not try out Pocket Soccer for your Android device?

About Pocket Soccer

Pocket Soccer is a fun, easy-to-understand game that allows you to pick the country you’d like to play as and face off against the world. It’s not quite like a game you might expect with a full-fledged gaming console, as the game has a slight ping pong feel, but I’ll talk more about that later. In any case, it’s very fun to play and has plenty of features to test your skills and kill some time.


You can install this game by searching for Pocket Soccer in the Play Store or by following this link with your device’s browser. Once installation completes, you can go ahead by launching the game, and you can immediately start playing!

Main Screen

pocket soccer android

The main screen offers you the choice of playing against the AI, playing against another person, or running through training exercises. If you hold your finger in the middle of the main screen and swipe to the left, you’ll see some more options, including the option to play a tournament. Swipe again and you’ll be able to access the game’s preferences and other settings.


pocket soccer

There are different scenarios in training mode that you can try to master. The wide selection of scenarios is pretty impressive, and are meant to challenge you. After attempting a scenario a couple of times, you’ll see a percentage of successes for each scenario the next time you look at the scenario selection screen.


pocket soccer

If you start a game, after choosing a difficulty level, you’ll get a nice long list of different countries you can choose from. Choosing a country doesn’t affect the difficulty or any sort of abilities, so it’s mainly about who you want to play as and who you want to play against.


pocket soccer

Gameplay, like I said, is very fun. Each team gets a turn (the team’s players will appear brighter than the other team’s players) where you can choose one player and swipe them in the direction you want them to go. Your turn ends and other team’s turn begins as soon as you let go of your swiping motion, and all players and the ball will continue to glide around the field. With default settings, the first team to score 10 goals wins, but this can be changed to a different amount of goals or a certain time limit.


pocket soccer android

As I also mentioned earlier, you can also start a tournament and fight your way to the championship. When you choose all the countries you want in your tournament, the first country will be the one you’d like to play as, while all others will be opponents in the tournament. You’ll then see a tree diagram of the tournament results as you inch your way to the final. Difficulty is in increasing order in this game mode, as you weren’t able to choose a difficulty during the creation of the tournament. This mode is definitely challenging, as I haven’t even made it past the second round!


Pocket Soccer really is an entertaining game that I wish I would’ve looked for sooner. Its overall simplicity surprisingly makes the game even more fun, even though I was originally looking for a feature-heavy soccer game. I’ve definitely had my fun with it, and I hope you will too!
What’s your favorite soccer game on Android? What about any sports game? Let us know in the comments!

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