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3 New AssistantExtensions Tweaks That Make Siri Better Than Ever [iPhone / Cydia Tweak]

3 New AssistantExtensions Tweaks That Make Siri Better Than Ever [iPhone / Cydia Tweak]:

iphone siri extensionRecently, I wrote about an awesome modification for a jailbroken iPhone 4S called AssistantExtensions. It allows you to do all kinds of new things with Siri that we never thought possible. What makes this tweak so special is the fact that other developers can use the framework to create their own tweaks. Now that the tweak has been around for a few weeks, the modifications are starting to come in, and some of them are super awesome.

On tap today, I have three amazing tweaks that work alongside AssistantExtensions. We have one that works with Twitter, another one that helps you enjoy your music and a third that will help understand other languages. These modifications are just a precursor to some of the awesome things Siri will be able to do. If these three tweaks are any indication, AssistantExtensions could be one of the greatest things to grace our iPhones.


First, you need to download Lingual from the Cydia store. Simply search for Lingual, and click install in Cydia. It will run through the process and then prompt you to respring your device. Once you do, Lingual will be ready to use through Siri.

iphone siri extension

Lingual is the first add-on for AssistantExtensions, and it is very cool and very easy to use. It can translate your input to 35 different languages, so chances are great that if there is something you need translated, Lingual will be able to handle it for you. It is one of the quickest, easiest ways to get a translation on your iPhone because you can simply speak into the device instead of having to type.

iphone siri tweaks

To use Lingual, you will need to say certain things. Start by saying, “translate,” and then follow that up with what you want Siri to translate. Lastly, say “to” and the name of the language to which you would like it translated. For example, you might say, “translate make use of is the best website ever to Spanish” and Siri would show you the Spanish translation of that phrase. It does not get much easier than that.


TweetLine is a simple tweak that allows you to view the five most recent tweets and five most recent mentions on your Twitter timeline. It is a handy feature if you just need to view the most recent ones, and you do not feel like launching the Twitter app. If you remember, AssistantExtensions adds the ability to send a tweet from Siri, but by default, it offers no way to view Twitter. This handy tweak changes that.

iphone siri tweaks

To download it, you simply need to search for TweetLine in Cydia. Once you have it downloaded, you simply need to launch Siri and say “Timeline” and Siri will show you your tweets. It’s a quick and easy way to find out what is going on with your friends on Twitter.

iphone siri tweaks

If you want to see your most recent mentions on Twitter, you simply need to load up Siri and say “mentions.” Siri will take a minute and she will load up the five most recent things people have said to you on Twitter.


This is a cool extension if you need to find the lyrics for the song you are playing on your iPhone. It costs $0.99, but if you like to know the words to the songs you are listening to, it is most definitely worth it. You will need to search for SiriLoveLyrics on Cydia, and go through Cydia’s purchase process. You need to have an active Cydia account, and you will need to check out using Amazon Payments or PayPal.

iphone siri extension

Once you have the tweak installed, simply play a song in your iPod, and launch Siri. You can say “show text” or “show lyrics” and Siri will display them as long as the lyrics are available. It is a nice looking tweak and a great way to get your lyrics without having to take the time to run through a web search.


I expect many awesome tweaks to keep coming for AssistantExtensions, and I feel like this is only the tip of the iceberg. Siri is technically still in beta, so it is great to see third parties pushing the limits of what she can do. If you love using Siri, but wish she was better; you need to install AssistantExtensions and check out some of these awesome tweaks.

Do you use AssistantExtensions? How do you like it? Let us know in the comments!

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