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Do More With Email: 3 Great Services For Those That Check Their Email Daily

Do More With Email: 3 Great Services For Those That Check Their Email Daily:

email servicesYou may have read about many web apps and services on MakeUseOf and other tech blogs, but how many do you actually use in your daily life? No matter how many innovative services you check out, the simplest ones, in my experience, are the ones you could actually keep up with, especially if they serve good purposes.

Today, we’ll be taking a look at certain services that help you do things you’ve always put in your New Year’s resolutions list (but got too busy to keep up with) while integrating with the service you use the most – email. These are web apps that you can actually use every day if you check your email daily.

Keep A Journal You Can Update Daily With OhLife

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You know it’s probably a good idea to keep a journal, but you just forget to keep up with new entries every day. OhLife is a great and beautiful web app with a refreshing idea. It allows you to email a new journal entry every day for your eyes only. Even if you don’t remember to write a daily entry, OhLife will have you covered since it asks you how you are doing either every day or every week at the time of your choosing via email. You can then respond with however long of an entry you want. You can also attach a single photo to your email, all for free.

As long as you keep replying to their emails, you can build your collection and get sent past entries in the email OhLife sends you to jog your memory. All entries will be available to view on OhLife, and are private, so they’re not shareable. They can be exported however. All you need to get started is an email address and a password.

Track Everyday Expenses With TheBirdy

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Do you want to keep track of your expenses, but simply can’t keep up with updating your purchases? TheBirdy is a neat website where you log your daily purchases via email (and now via SMS too) for free. Once you sign up with and verify your email address, TheBirdy will send you one email a day so you can reply with your expenses. You can enter tags to categorize your purchases and see nicely labeled graphs later.

Here’s a screenshot from Saikat’s full post on TheBirdy.

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As you saw, TheBirdy supports currencies other than the American dollar and is also available in Spanish and German. The site can show you your expenses in a nice calendar, by tags, in a list and of course, graphs to see where you have spent the most.

There are other money management websites that can track and graph your expenses, but with TheBirdy, you don’t have to link to your bank account if you aren’t too keen on sharing your bank account information. Finally, you can export your data in a .csv file.

Read Books By Email With DailyLit

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DailyLit is a fantastic website with a rich collection of ebooks that you can read in easily digestable chunks via email or RSS. The service has been around for several years, so it’s expanded from classic books to all kinds of contemporary books, including national bestsellers excerpts from different sponsors. There are almost 1,000 books in this collection so you can browse books by title, author, and genre. You can also see book ratings provided by other DailyLit community members.

To get started, you can select a book, the frequency of installments and type your email. If you want to manage multiple subscriptions, you can sign in with Facebook, Twitter, Google, AOL, and other services, or you can create a new profile. As you can see in the next screengrab, you can choose when to receive installments, whether they’re in plain text or HTML format, and other options.

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Most email installments of the your chosen title are meant to be read in less than 5 minutes, though you can select longer installments.

Honorable mentions go to SendMeAStory, which sends you interesting newspaper articles to your email, Kindle or Instapaper, and MailerVocabulary, which helps you learn new vocabulary words by email.

Do you prefer email to be just for emails or are you excited to get things done by email? Let us know in the comments section below.

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