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Getting Things Done With Task Management Application Wunderkit [iPhone & Web]

Getting Things Done With Task Management Application Wunderkit [iPhone & Web]:

getting things doneBack in 2010, I wrote about a well designed task management, cross-platform application called Wunderlist. It does what you can do in any spreadsheet, paper notebook, or other task managers, but it’s much better to look at and access over the Internet and your iOS devices.

Since its first application release, the developers, Wunderkinder, have been beta-testing a much more enhanced version of their program, called Wunderkit, that includes social network integration and collaboration, and is now completely free to all users.

Main Features

Wunderkit centers around what are called Workspaces, which consist of multiple projects that you either work on alone or in collaboration with your contacts via Facebook and Twitter, or by e-mail.

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Workspaces can be both public and private, and may consist of a list of tasks that you can assign to invite workspace members, and a separate section for Notes. Workspace members get access to the public assigned Workspace of your dashboard allowing them to create notes and tasks and add comments to posts.

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Compared to other task management programs, such as OmniFocus and Things, Wunderkit doesn’t contain a menu bar of bells and whistles, but its simple, uncluttered, user interface means that it can be used almost immediately.

Lists & Tasks

Each workspace can have a simple list of tasks that need to be completed by a certain date and member of your team. But when you first start working in the Dashboard you may not notice that there is a difference between tasks and lists.

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You can make a simple list of tasks that need to be completed, but with larger projects you will probably want to use Lists as major categories, with a list of tasks under each. List categories might be based on due dates, or different parts of a project, event, or workflow process.

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Tasks and list items can be assigned due dates and tags, but only tasks – not lists – can be assigned a team member. Similarly, Notes can be tagged and favored, and each team member can add comments.

User Interface

The user interface of Wunderkit is exactly the same between the desktop client and the online platform. When you click the Home button you will get an overview of all your tasks and updates by other Wunderkit users.

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Similarly, your dashboard provides an overview of all your workspaces, public and private, and followers or team members.


For developers and small businesses, Wunderkit could be another useful way to receive public feedback on current projects, as well as a space for customers to ask troubleshooting questions. In addition to Wunderkinder, other companies, including Google, Carbon Ad Network, Smashing Magazine, and Bikemap App, are already showing up with their own featured Workspaces.

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Wunderkit is set up to invite your existing friends on Facebook and Twitter, and via e-mail invitation. Invitees will of course need to sign up on the Wunderkit website and/or download the client application.

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In the keyboard shortcuts area, Wunderkit has over a dozen, so if that’s how you navigate applications, you can pretty much keep your hand on the keys while you work.

Mobile Client

As of now, there only exists a full iPhone version of Wunderkit, which allows you to create workspaces, tasks and lists, and working collaboration with team members. Wunderkit can also be used offline, whereby added tasks and notes are automatically synced to your Wunderkit accounts when the application goes back online.

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As you might suspect, the Wunderkit app allows for push notifications about important updates, comments, and followers.

Let us know what you think of Wunderkit. Does it have enough features to handle your project needs?

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