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Bring Sticky Notes To Your Deskop With Hott Notes [Windows]

Bring Sticky Notes To Your Deskop With Hott Notes [Windows]:

sticky notes program for desktopThrough the use of sticky notes, I feel like I’ve been able to just about double my daily productivity. Being able to have physical reminders that nagged for certain tasks to be completed was a real help when I used pen-and-paper notes. The days of pen and paper are over though, and I’m at my computer a lot more often than I am at a work desk. Eventually, I found that pinning notes to my desktop was just as effective a strategy and I’ve been doing it ever since.

Using the hott notes sticky notes program for desktop, it doesn’t take more than just a few clicks to get your ideas and priorities out onto the screen and in your face. Start using sticky notes now and you’ll wonder how your life functioned without them.

sticky notes program for desktop

Upon downloading hott notes, you’ll be quick to see how straightforward and simple it is to use the program. Hott notes has a lot of configuration and customization options.

desktop sticky notes

The General tab allows you to update basic configurations, such as startup options, animations, and tray icon actions.

desktop sticky notes

The second tab is for appearance. If you’d like to change the program-specific text, check out these settings.

desktop sticky notes

The next tab will allow you to configure your hotkeys for Hott notes.

sticky notes

The final tab deals with automated backups. I’d recommend leaving these settings as the default.

As for the notes themselves, they look nice on the screen and aren’t incredibly obtrusive and overpowering. Here’s a quick shot of a few notes that are sitting on my desktop right now:

sticky notes

They’re really easy to use and very efficient. After creating a note (which can be achieved by double clicking the tray icon), that task is also automatically added to your notebook. Your notebook is just a summary of tasks that you’ve completed or need to complete. Using this tool could really help for those of you with bad memories (like mine).

sticky notes

When creating a new note, you can configure many different things. You can make each note look different through font effects or you can assign your own saved theme to a note. You can also edit a note’s opacity (or transparency).

Another really solid feature is setting alarms. With alarms, you’re able to configure your sticky notes much like you would do a calendar. If having these stick right to your desktop doesn’t catch your attention effectively, the alarm surely will.

sticky notes program for desktop

By default, the alarm will take the note into focus, cause it to shake around a bit, and play an alarm noise. I don’t even use Rainlendar anymore, hott notes has completely replaced it because of the alarms feature.

Have you looked through the features and Hott notes doesn’t sound like your cup of tea? OK then check these other articles on the same subject:

Let us know what sticky notes program for the desktop that you use, in the comments below. Or maybe you’re someone who doesn’t like sticky notes for working? If so, tell us why.

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