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5 Helpful Apps For When You Can’t Decide Where To Eat [Android]

5 Helpful Apps For When You Can’t Decide Where To Eat [Android]:

restaurant search for androidPicture this. You’re hanging out with your friends on a Saturday night. Or maybe you’re gathered with your family members. Or you just walked out of a 3-hour lecture. Or you just came out from a rock concert and your throat is hoarse, your ears throbbing with silence. On top of all of that, you’re starving. Your stomach rumbles, and twists, and gnaws away at your innards. You need to get some food into your belly, and you need it now.

But where are you going to eat? Maybe Chinese doesn’t sound very appetizing and your wife doesn’t want Mexican. You had Italian for lunch, so scratch that. Your friend Bob is allergic to fish so no Sushi. Now what? You’re destined to stand around in a circle with your company, debating over which restaurant to go to.

If you can’t decide where to eat for whatever reason and you’ve got an Android, then these following apps will help you decide where to eat. Fast.


restaurant search for android

Ever since its launch in 2008, Urbanspoon has skyrocketed in popularity as a mobile app. As of January 2012, the Android version alone has been downloaded over a million times. Now think about how many people are using it on the iPhone and on the web. A lot of people. That’s how many.

Urbanspoon takes your current location and suggests nearby restaurants. All you have to do is shake your mobile device and 3 columns will spin like a slot machine. Those 3 columns? Location, Cuisine Type, and Cost. You can even lock any or all of the columns if you’d like to specify a certain type of food or price range.

With Urbanspoon, your next eatery decision is only a shake away.


restaurant android apps

For all of those times when you’re feeling bogged down by laziness, GrubHub will be there by your side. This app has a database of over 25,000 delivery restaurants located in over 75 cities throughout the United States.

After you’ve picked a restaurant, you can browse through menus and order from that restaurant directly through the app. Don’t need delivery? That’s fine. They do pickups, too.

Right now, GrubHub is only networked with restaurants in the United States. Perhaps one day they’ll branch out to other continents.

Food Truck Follower

restaurant android apps

Bright, fancy restaurants are fun and glamorous, but sometimes you just want something else. Something that isn’t so high grade. Yet at the same time, you aren’t feeling a burger and fries from the national chain fast food shop down the road. What do you do then?

Food trucks! These meals-on-wheels have been popping up in cities all across the country (sorry, non-Americans) and they are cheap yet delicious. But where can you find these delicious vehicular dishes?

Food Truck Follower helps you find nearby food trucks by exploiting Twitter feeds. If you need a food truck but aren’t sure where to go, this app will help you get there.


restaurant android apps

If you’ve got this far, then you probably have a few places in mind on where you want to eat. But what if you’ve never eaten at those places? If you’re anything like me, you’ll be wondering, “Will this place be worth my time and money?”

That’s when you turn to the Yelp app. Yelp is one of the best resources, app or not, for checking out a restaurant’s ratings and reviews. If you’re stuck between 2 or 3 particular locations, then knowing how much other customers have enjoyed (or hated) a particular spot can help push you towards making that final decision.

As a bonus, Yelp provides ratings and reviews on more than just restaurants.

Dining Deals

restaurant search for android

Going out to eat can be expensive. A night out at an everyday chain restaurant can put a dent in your wallet – fancy restaurants even more so. Don’t let money be a limiting factor in where you can eat.

Install Dining Deals and browse through all of the great deals and coupons available, from restaurants and dining establishments to grocery stores and supermarkets. Now you’ll be able to eat out without the looming of guilt over your conscience.

If you struggle with food-related indecision, keep your chin up. With these restaurant search apps for Android, you’ll be able to get food into your stomach faster than ever before. Technology is great, isn’t it?

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