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Memoires: The Diary That Helps You Jot Down Your Memories On The Go [Android 1.6+]

Memoires: The Diary That Helps You Jot Down Your Memories On The Go [Android 1.6+]:

One of the surest ways to combat writer’s block is to keep something handy when a sudden inspiration strikes you. Earlier it used to be a scrap of paper in the wallet, but lately it has been my Android phone. Digital diaries are not only for recording off the cuff thoughts and random bolts of ideas, diaries also happen to be better at dealing with memory loss than any brain booster pills.

With that thought in mind, I went in search of a journal-diary application for my Android. I came across cool apps like Catch Notes and Note Everything. And then I bumped into Memoires. I am still holding on to Evernote, but Memoires has a few standout features that need mentioning.

Memoires Is Secure & Encrypted

Memoires comes with password protection. All your sensitive notes can be encrypted and kept away from prying eyes. Memoires stores all data in a specific folder on the SD card. The size of your records is thus only limited by the size of the memory card. This also makes it easy to backup all your stored notes to your PC or to an online storage like Dropbox.

Memoires – Key Features

The above screenshot shows the app interface. The following features are available that can enrich the data specificity of your notes:

  • You can take audio recordings and attach them as voice memos. An unlimited number of audio recordings can be stored (again, limited by the size of your data card)
  • You can use the camera and attach snapshots to your notes. Conversely, an image file can be described with the help of a note.

  • Each individual note can be tagged to better organize them. You can add multiple tags to each note. For instance, you can tag notes as journal entries, shopping lists, to-do lists etc.
  • Each note can be better described with “moods” by adding emoticons from the set provided.

  • Memoires notes include automatic geo location by default. The altitude and address is either automatically obtained or can be entered manually on the map. The location tagging is especially useful for people on the go and later you can filter notes based on location or address.

  • The current weather and the lunar conditions can also be recorded as further points of reference. Though, I haven’t found much use for this so far.
  • Memoires enables you to sync your notes with your Google account. You can sync it across to the spreadsheet and upload images to Picasa (into an album labeled as Memoires Photo Album). You can configure the synchronization from the Import/Export options of the app. Filtered or all notes can be exported as RTF documents to the Google Docs account. Read more about it here.

  • Memoires gives you full text search, filter search with tags, address, and date ranges.

  • The calendar view shows you all your notes by date plus a few other view options as shown below.

Flow Of Thoughts

The tenth key feature. I didn’t include this feature of Memoires in the above list as it’s an important feature to deserve some space of its own. Flow of thoughts allows you to thread a stream of thoughts. Later, you can refer to these thoughts in the order you created them. Each note in the flow links to the other. For instance, the screen below shows that there are related thoughts to the one recorded. Clicking on the small icon (the speech bubble on the right) takes you to the linked thought or note.

You can create a flow by clicking on a note (the dropdown in the top corner) and selecting Follow up

You can go into your flows directly by clicking on the eye icon and choosing the Flows view – as shown in the screenshot under Point 9.

Note taking gets to be a habit with some of us. It may sound simple, but when the notes start piling up, organization becomes the order of the day. Memoires has a few nifty features that address that need from the very beginning. How did you find it so far? Would you use Memoires as a notes tool on your Android? Tell us if you have a different preference.

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