Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Browser Based (Online) Multiplayer Games

gaia game Gaia Online
Gaia is a web browser based online world in which you can create your own character. The possibilities are endless, become a miner, fisher, warrior. Or just have a chat with the other online players!

trickster game Trickster Online
Trickster online is a free to play realtime mmorpg in which you can create your own character and join a huge online world.

link Mini Golf
Crush the competition with this multiplayer mini golf simulator with 36 holes to play. You can meet and challenge other players in the online lobby. The game itself is colorfull, easy to use and offers online chat to keep in touch with your opponent.

link Bomberman Online
A topdown action game where you have to blow up the bricks and ofcourse your opponents. This bomberman version supports up to 4 players and can be played over the internet! yes, against real people like you! Pick up special powerups to enhance your bombs.

link Graal Online
This is the online version of Graal Online. With its classis topdown view it looks a bit like Zelda. In this multiplayer world you can meet other online players, talk with them or adventure together. You can use the bottom text bar to chat with the other online players.

link Tank Ball
Tank ball is a realtime 3D tank battle where you can fight against people all over the world. The tank will be viewed in tail view with hover-over names of you and the other players.

Important note: type your name in the box and press play to start the game.

link Pasi World
Pasi world is a friendly chatroom where you can meet and challenge other players to play the following mini games: tic tac too, battleships, minigolf, checkers, Othello and Memory. You will be playing against other people, from all over the world.

link Honey Switch
Use the cursor to switch two blocks. Remove the blocks by aligning three or more matching blocks.

link Multiplayer Stickman
Multiplayer stickman is an 24/7 online battle that you could be joining now, find a weapon and eliminate the other online players. The game has a topdown view and many types of weapons such as swords, shotguns, machineguns and even bazookas.

zwok multiplayer game Zwok Multiplayer
Battle against other people on the internet. Zwok is an online multiplayer flash game where you battle with zwoks. The multiplayer game 'zwok' has a central chat lobby where you can meet and chat other multi players on the internet, once you found a challenge prepare for a zwok multiplayer game!

link Endless Online
Join the 2d isometric online world Endless Online, and meet many other people from all over the world.

link Tanx

online players from all over the world are waiting for you to join.

link 8-Ball Pool

online players from all over the world are waiting for you to join.

link Club Penguin
A funny multiuser chat game where you control a penguin in a interactive world, you can earn coins, chat with the other online penguins, play mini games etc. Unfortunatly you need to a subscription to spend your hard earned coins. Still, this game is very funny and hours of fun.
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