Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Create your own Marvel superhero online - Time Waster

What better way to blow an afternoon at work than doodling cool superheros on your post it notes?

How about a wicked, Flash-based web app from Marvel that does the same thing?

Choose a hero pack for fast creations, or roll your own from scratch using hundreds of design elements - from skin types to facial hair to tails. There are three base characters: the thin but cut male hero (Cyclops, Spiderman), the brutish male (Thing, Hulk), and, of course, the stereotypical curvaceous female (every female hero ever).

It's actually kind of scary how close I was able to get to Bill Clinton using Marvel's hero parts.

Quickly, X-President! We've got to help that poor, young intern before the evil Baracktopus compromises her morals!

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