Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Kiwi is a simple Windows application usage monitor (and more)

Kiwi application monitor is a free program for Windows that helps you keep tab on your computer usage. Setup - though not automatic like some similar utilities - is simple. To monitor an app, you can either click the browse button and locate its executable or select it from a list of currently active processes.

Apart from watching how much you use your monitored apps, Kiwi also tracks CPU and memory usage and allows you to create alerts when certain conditions are met. It will even email alerts to you if you choose.

Actions can also be triggered: close an app when its memory usage or CPU time gets out of control, or after a set length of time. Kiwi can also run an additional program when one of your monitored apps starts or ends.

Statistical reporting is only available in the pro version. If you're looking for that functionality in a free app, you may want to check out Slife. Kiwi used about 25mb of memory in its standard mode, but the settings menu lets you force a "lite" version that forgoes images for a smaller footprint.

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