Thursday, January 22, 2009

Launch a list of programs from one shortcut with Utility Launcher

Utility Launcher
Utility Launcher is a free Windows application that lets you create an ordered list of Windows utilities to launch. If you have a couple of apps that you launch every day, but don't want to add them to the Windows startup routine and bog down your boot speed, Utility Launcher could come in handy.

Here's how it works. You download and unzip the application to any folder. Then click the menu button and start adding utilities to the list. Once you save the list, any time you click the Utility Launcher application you'll see the same list. Just click run to launch the first program in your list. Click run again and the second program will load. And so on. If you create a shortcut to the Utility Launcher.exe file and save it on your desktop or in your quick start menu, you can access your list anytime you need it with just one click.

When creating your list, you'll want to take care to put the programs in the order you want them to launch in. Rearranging the list is pretty tricky. You can delete items or delete the entire list, but you can't move an application from spot 3 to spot 1.

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