Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Learn the english alphabet in sign language easily with Sign Lingo

Sign lingo is a very simple utility that shows you how to make a letter in the sign language, just type a letter and it will automatically show you how to make it with your hands.
Yes i realize this is a utility that probably none of you will use but i found it interesting, this particular program was found on a website of some guy who writes open source software, he is shutting down is site because no one donates him money, on one part i feel sad for him on the other i found his decision to shutdown his site stupid. You can`t write software and expect to roll in cash because most people don`t care about donating at all, unless your software is really good and unique no one will give a rat ass the effort you place in writing the software you create, you have to code programs for you i guess. most of the stuff on his site was pretty useless anyway because someone already beat him to the punch so i guess is not a big loss.
Sorry for this long rant that has nothing to do with the object of this blog but since the GTA 4 gameplay videos went online i have been hooked on them and i have been having trouble finding good freeware material to post.

Get it at http://gravityfx.org/2005/08/27/sign-lingo/

Mirror (In the likely case his site disappears) :


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