Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Kakasoft`s File encryption provides a quick but light way of encrypting your files


Kakasoft`s file encryption is a very simple but efective file encryption utility


Kakasoft`s file encryption makes some promises that it doesn`t keep, for example it claims that it has:

1. Four encryption algorithms Blowfish, AES, MD5, Triple-DES.
2. Strong key support, handling and cryptographic implementations.
3. Encrypts megabytes of file data per second on modern machines.

the first i dunno if its true because when you encrypt stuff it doesn`t give you any option to select the encryption algorithm!, the second claim also can`t be verified without knowing the type of encryption and the third claim is the one i am willing to to concede its true because it encrypted stuff fast. So why i am posting this program if some of the stuff it claims can`t be verified?, well its because it works in a very basic but effective way. When you start the program you will see the interface of the picture i have uploaded into my post, click in "Add files" to add one or several files and type a password, if you select 2 or more files to be encrypted at the same time each one will have the same password which is a bad idea from a security standpoint, anyway after inputting a password click "Encrypt" and the selected files will have their extension changed into .encrypt and will have a new icon and also can only be decrypted by launching the file and inputting the correct password however the filename and the original extension will be visible to anyone , that is a problem if your filename is something like BIGBOOBIESANDASSES.AVI so you better rename the file you want to encrypt beforehand to something less conspicuous. Now after the file has been encrypted even if you change the extension to what it was originally and open it you will only get a message that the file has been corrupted. Kakasoft`s file encryption will probably stand low level users from getting into your files (read: your mom) but i dunno if it will stand high level users (Read: The feds) i wish i was an advanced computer technician in order to confirm this.
In conclusion Kakasoft`s file encryption is probably a good encryption utility but i wouldn`t recommend it for keeping your credit card info secret, it is better suited in my judgement to keep your porno videos secure from your mom,dad, or little brother`s prying hands. Available for all versions of Windows.

Get it at http://www.kakasoft.com/freeware.htm

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