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Use DataMonitor To Keep From Going Over Your Data Plan Or Getting Throttled [Cydia / iPhone Tweak]

Use DataMonitor To Keep From Going Over Your Data Plan Or Getting Throttled [Cydia / iPhone Tweak]:
Lately, there has been a huge crackdown on unlimited data users in the United States. In fact, as I write this I am sitting on a throttled data speed on my iPhone because I use too much data on my unlimited plan. That is right, too much data on my UNLIMITED plan. It is frustrating and annoying, but I have to deal with it, as I am sure many of you do too. My phone is jailbroken, but none of my data usage comes from anything illegal. In fact, most of it is listening to Spotify, which is a completely legal use of my data.
As annoying as it is, if you do not want your speed to become throttled, you need a good way to monitor your data usage. That is why the jailbreak called DataMonitor exists. It allows you to track every detail about your data usage, as well as a slew of other information about your iPhone. DataMonitor is a free tweak that helps you keep track of everything you ever wanted to know about your iPhone.

Set Up

DataMonitor is available free from Cydia’s BigBoss repo, which is one of the default repositories on Cydia. That means you will simply need to search for DataMonitor, click install and you will be ready to start tracking your data in much more detail.

You will want to go to the settings of the tweak in order to customize some things before you get to track your data. The first thing you will need to customize is the billing cycle. The application needs to know when to reset your data for each month, so you know exactly what you used. This is especially important if you are not on an unlimited data plan because you will be charged for going over your allotted quota.

Next, you will want to set your limits, if you have one. This is also available under the settings tab. For example, if you are on a 2GB plan, you will want to let the app know so that it can alert you as you approach your monthly limit. You can also set a daily limit, to keep yourself on track and not going over day by day.

What Does It Track?

I could make this section incredibly short and say that it tracks everything, but that’s no fun. The most important thing that it tracks is your data usage. It tracks how much data you have used for the month, and for the current day. It breaks your data usage down by cellular data and Wi-Fi. It tells you how much data you have uploaded and how much you have downloaded. If you click on the month, it will give you a breakdown of how much data you used each day. If you click on the day, it will break down your data usage minute by minute.

For the data tracking, it also shows you the previous month and previous day, which gives a nice standard of comparison. Just as with the current cycle, it breaks this down by Wi-Fi and cellular, so you know exactly how your data is distributed.

Besides tracking data, this application will provide you with all kinds of information about your device. It lays out your current battery status in a clean and visually appealing way. It also shows you the memory usage of your phone in terms of RAM. It lets you know much of your memory is being sucked down by the apps you are running.

The application also breaks down your CPU usage on your iPhone. It shows you how much each core is working, and how the data is being used currently. DataMonitor also provides system info such as uptime, last boot time. You can also view all kinds of network information such as your public IP address, MAC address, if you have an active data connection over cellular or Wi-Fi and so much more.

If you click “Detailed System Info” under the system info section, you will be able to see even more information about your device. Everything from the model name, name of the phone, the type of CPU and so much more stuff about your iPhone can be found in the this section.


If you want to know more about the inner workings of your iPhone, or monitor your data usage in an attempt to keep yourself from paying a higher bill or getting throttled, than DataMonitor is a Cydia tweak you need to have on your device.
Did DataMonitor keep you from getting your speeds throttled? Do you think it is ridiculous that unlimited plans are slowed down for using too much data? Let us know in the comments!
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